Justin Trudeau the prime minister of Canada was involved in window-throwing of a chancellor of Mexico working for the Guatemalan embassy. He knew of Trudeau’s vaccine-whoring. My life in danger from government assassins for knowing this. “Get him get him get him” is the order he gave to a government assassin to throw off the window. He also used acid on his face before throwing him down and later on dissolving the body in a tub of the same acid.

If I get killed it is because of Justin Trudeau and Naheed Nenshi articles and the information within this sites and because of the many tips I gave to Interpol and FBI; because I know something. And also because of my harassment and stalking by PACT Canada officers Thomas Johnson (PACT Canada), Vince Van Mulligan (PACT Canada), and Bob Junior Smithson; senior investigator for Trudeau and Tom Johnson the 4th (the chief of police for Trudeau). PACT Canada is Police and Crisis Team; it is made for people “who are going to lose control,” this deceitful disguise is used to cure the religious for being “crazy.” The word is used as diagnosis and the reason for repeated illegal surveillance-only warrants to watch the citizens unaware in their living room.

A good man killed for no reason, in the age of pre-winter of life; Antonio, gone like the leaves of grass, bewildered in the wind. Truth will be his vindication and the truth does its own work & it does not need sources.

Massive harassment and defamation and stalking campaign is in affect under Trudeau and Nenshi’s nose to have me killed by PACT Officers (Police and Crisis Team) and Police in Canada and/or government or personal assassins up for hire.

Check Epoch 8th and up for investigation if I get killed. Ask Interpol International for “24 days with Ashkan” all investigators and dig elsewhere if they deny. The “24 days with Ashkan” must have the ending.

I will report back. Trudeau and Nahid Nenshi stunk up the country with murder in the air for me because I know something, I know something, I know somethings.

Vaccine-whoring, massive AstraZeneca coverup for blood-clots AND blood-pressure and other articles can be found on this site. To check Trudeaus’s window-throw history, contact Guatemalan embassy and Mexican embassy in Paraguay. He did this to another man – both knew of his commando-grenade scandal.

I will continue my blog.

By Ashkan Jafarpisheh – May 29 2021

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