The Curious Case of Ivan the Horrible

By Ashkan Jafarpisheh – July 2020

In the documentary “the Devil Next Door” there is a scene in which a concentration camp survivor cries out against the now “good guy” Ivan the terrible.

This abominable beast, when he had absolute power, ripped and gored and killed; but when he escaped to US became a good guy and a wonderful family man!

Anyone that has been tortured, abused and had pain inflicted on them by someone will tell you, there is a connection that happens between the victim and the abuser. This connection makes it possible to know the abuser in a deeper place than you mind. You sense the abuser and when you see him, there is sudden burst of panic and tightening feeling in the chest and stomach.

Therefore the survivor saying “it’s him” knows exactly what he is talking about. Even if Ivan had purple hair and cosmetic surgery, he would still know.

Great deeds of wickedness release dark energy into the world and great acts of overcoming darkness do the reverse, even if no one else is looking.

The denial of Ivan in the face of the cries of pain he heard, is the denial he will have for all eternity. His character was already set to deny, since he practiced it while hiding for decades. When you commit a great crime, you have to deny in order to be able to live.

The blood of the innocent lives you took, and the torrential rain of abuse and suffering you poured down on the weak, will cry out against you o wicked man; the droplets of blood you try so hard with your deceitful hands to suppress, will seep through the space between your fingers; the further you push down the more pressure will be applied from beneath, as was the blood of Abel crying out to YHWH against Cain, so will the blood and tears of your victims rise up like mighty waves of justice, shaking your castle of lies and delusion, until it comes tumbling down on your abominable head.

Right as one of the survivors, Mr. Boraks, went to explain the details of his pain, the defence lawyer for Ivan the Terrible tried to shut him down, interrupting and saying “why do we need to hear these details?”

You need to hear the detail, you abominable wicked-justifying and righteous-punishing atrocity (Pr 17:15); because this survivor went through the deepest furnace of affliction, having survived the depths of darkness, the universe tried to give him vengeance and justice. Mind has not known what God and the universe have in store for this lawyer.

This was the moment of justice, the universe had prepared for the decades-waiting survivors, which the evil lawyer tried hard to rob the victims of. This Freudian slip of the Porsche-loving lawyer is a very key discernment in the documentary. This same lawyer also ended up backtalking and robbing the other defence lawyer of the fame he desperately craved. I hope that his book deal and whatever pathetic years he has left on the earth was worth it, since that is all the good he is heading towards for all eternity.

The other defence lawyer salivating at the thought of fame, when all lawyers with a smallest flicker of truth in their heart ran as fast as they could from defending this sadistic pig Ivan, is not too far behind in being abominable. In one of the scene he condemns the righteous, asking the survivor “why did you not help him?” That is like asking, while you were trapped in the serpentine nightmare of concentration camp, surrounded by gored horrors, frozen in fear and in deep torment, sick to your stomach at the merciless pain inflicted, why did you not try to do more? Shame, cover your face with shame o wicked liar lawyer. We believe the message and truth of the survivor, the grand master who overcame the gauntlets of doom, and not your deceitful grey-lies.

This is so infuriating and unjust to hear it is mind-blowing. Similar kind of injustice can be seen in the case of incest survivors, whom the abuser, after having robbed her of all that is holy, keeps blaming for his own guilt and misfortune.

And so is the way of all evil; right before the good is about to happen, like the birds taking seeds away in the parable of the seeds of Yahshua, the thief comes to steal (Matt 13:3-4).

When he had power in absolute measure,

When no one looked or beheld,

In a time far far away,

Not even God interfered;

The demonic overlord,

Tortured, maimed and gored;

Pushing with bayonet into chambers of doom,

Spraying with toxic chemicals,

Children of Father Abraham;

Ivan the putrid loser,

Lost his soul to Lucifer;

Right after one great crime,

You have to, you have to, you have to deny;

When he had power over lives with no accountability, he let his Sadism rip and became a bully-boy, ripping and tearing and destroying families; yet when it comes to himself, he is a beautiful and caring family man, taking perfect loving and gentle care of his own family.

He was not feeling gentle before though when he pushed people into the chamber and gored and mutilated. he rammed injustice down other’s throat, but when the gentle justice came for him, with lawyer-scum who dared to defend an enemy of God, in the protection of court and police, he had a hard time and started to become a mouse and a victim and a family man. He gets sick all of a sudden and unable to walk! He walked pretty good though before when he had power in his prime, and ate of the cultish twisted forbidden-pleasures banned by the boundary of the ancients and scriptures of old.

Both the present defence lawyers were opportunists and scumbags, only seeking fame and money. Hardly anyone wanted to defend this person and for good reason; if you defend him and he truly is a concentration camp gas chamber operator, you have made yourself a direct enemy of God and a grade A filth.

Once has to be extremely careful to not pile on sufferings on people who have faced excruciating horrors. Look away and walk away my friend when you see this sort of person. Do not touch, rob or bother, not even in your mind.

Once you go though such an ordeal, after a certain suffering threshold has passed, God puts a seal on you, because what you have suffered is enough suffering for all eternity. In this case, there is also a spiritual boundary placed over you. All who touch and bother you will get bad vibes, and will be accursed just as the Philistines were when they housed the Ark of the covenant; therefore people, like the elderly Holocaust survivor are not to be touched, as in abused in any shape or form. They do not need the extra.

It is written in the scriptures that by the mouth of 2-3 witnesses every fact should be confirmed (Deut 17:6, 19:15). The testimony of the survivors should have been believed immediately and the sentence given; although the first court did this, because of the Satanic fogging up of the fame-whoring Sheftel, the Israeli Supreme Court did not uphold the sentence.

God, universe and all the Abraham’s children got robbed in this trial. Everybody got robbed but that filthy Nazi and the unjust lawyer Sheftel.

When he had power,

Standing guard with a bayonet,

Bully-boy black, let it rip;

When others did not care,

To stop or repress this criminally insane,

Offering to the sadist gods,

Fresh forbidden gory blood,

Dismembering body parts,

Rejoicing at the calamity of Sons and Daughters of God,

Serpentine heart of young Ivan,

Made it’s putrid blackness evident;

Anti-witnessing the pain of others,

Ramming injustice down the throat of mothers,

Causing generational ripping and tearing,

And trauma beyond knowledge and understanding;

The heartless son of Lucifer,

Shone like an anti-sun,

On the bodies and souls of women and children,

And men who were sons of Abraham,

The precious forgotten jewels of YHWH’s heart;

He ignored, ignored, ignored,

The torture of trapped and poor souls,

Vines of hellish deceit,

Growing on his rocklike heart,

Wearing armor of denial,

Halfway across the world he hid;

But when the universe remembered,

Sending grand master Nazi hunters,

Seeking to do the justice of God,

For the bloody tears of the breast-cut trampled child,

For the acidic burns of Mamas and Papas,

And the brutal hand of the master torturers,

When the day of reckoning came,

To stinky lying Ivan,

All of a sudden he cries for help,

The injustice is O so very great,

But only if it concerns himself!

The cries of mercy mercy rises,

From his abominable mouth;

No mercy though for the gas-soaked virgin daughter,

While in deep torment begging “I want my mama,”

Searing a brand of pain,

On the poor soul of Mr. Boraks,

Who witnessed it,  then got robbed of justice,

By the loser-son of Belial, Lawyer Liar-Sheftel;

When in full control, with no one to call him into account,

In deep repressed monstrous moments,

We see behind the “good guy” performance-mask of the monster;

Worthless sealed-eternally torturer,

Reserved for a torment which will endure,

Escaping the justice of men,

Through 2 deceitful lawyer liars,

Who robbed God and the universe and the survivors,

Of the justice portioned and allotted,

Who condemned the righteous and justified the wicked,

For whom is reserved the blackest darkness forever and ever;

Ivan only got a slap on the wrist,

Robbing even his own family,

By lying, deceit, hiding and dishonesty;

Exploiting them to clean his mess,

So he can get a few more good years,

He trapped his own in his own denial;

Injustice for others and mercy for himself he seeks,

The black snake of hell thus creeps,

Towards the eternal lake for eternity;

Character having been set in denial,

Forever he will gnash and resist,

On eternity-bound floating rocks,

In the burning lake of Sulfur,

Chained by the cords of his own sin,

Stripped of all might with no bayonet,

Ivan the terrible will face the almighty;

The prophecies of Grand Master Isaiah, 

About the weeping and gnashing and unquenching fire,

He will endlessly endure.


The End

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