Past the entrance of the cave, door sealed shut in reverse, the warrior prophet, courage in his heart he felt.

Split in his soul, his soul-mate sat, in reverse times of pain & hurt.

Ripped open by the saw of injustice, crushed under misunderstandings, belittled by incessant underestimation.

His heart was rent in two and helplessly split in two and the two lonely halves excommunicated.

False & True self dancing in reverse, Split-soul of sitting-boy joyless & freezing cold, cried non existent tears of woe.

The champion cave-enterer, having gone past the triple accursed entrance, entered into the spiralled stairway to the depths.

Back in the splitting-atom, sitting alone but not yet exploded, four ugly sinful snakes twistingly crawled towards him.

Brown twisting branches, holding up his head & neck, stiffly.

Unlike the fluid effortless reptiles, that approached his North South West East.

Descending further and in good mood, playful Cave-junkie drew near, to the bottom of circular sphere.

A Caveman drawing here & there made him feel loved & cared for.

The signature of similar ancestors, only looking different but with the same skeleton, waved him an ancient hand.

Unmoving branch-suffocating snake-magnet, 1 v 2 and ugly & despicable, awaited an agonizing death.

If only he had not rushed, 

And taking his time carefully walked,

He would not have fallen headlong,

And bust at the bottom of the cave-floor.

Just before the sting of death,

He died, after a heard prayer,

Exhaling his Omega-breath.


By Ashkan Jafarpisheh – July 2020

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