by Ashkan Jafarpisheh – July 2020

I am a node – Beep Beep,
Doomed to be forever alone,

Away from the main circuit,

From buzzing of electric gibberish,

Disconnected and closed,

In virtual sack-cloth,

I shed artificial tears,

Beep Beep – Boop & Boop

Anxious to be reconnected to the flock,

Ooooooo, when will my digital time come?!

When I see the bouncing dance of blue and red lights,

And the circus-show of connected delights,

In the belly of the Machine-Beast,

Connected as can be, I think to me:

“Boop Boop Beep Beep,

Why & Why & Why & Why?

I am nnnnot in The Flooow?

I LONgg Tooo B oPen,

2 FrendS AND FOEsssss,

Openly communicating my glitching heart,

To other nodes who keep touching Moe,”

Now stuck, lost and bored,

I will Zippy Zap my messy digital-head into pseudo-stupor, 

I am a node – Beep Beep,

Forever alone, but hopeful,

Only one friend I seek,

To share and to be open with,

Boop & Boop & Boop

Beep Beep BePPeeeeP!

The End

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