Excrement-filled garden of poo, webby patches of Satanic anti-goo, 

On anti-grass Leviathan the black-carcass walked, towards the moonlit unholy mass.

Bats, owls and lizard-snakes, all swarms of living mess, supporting the anti-grand witch and witchess, on his negative-life anti-quest.

Destruction in his heart he set, murderer pro-death with no regrets, Leviathan life-threatened life-betrayed life-starved life-forsaking life-killing life-antibreathing life-sewage life-rats and death. The putrid Maggot-God asserts dominance, whipping with chains of death.

Scarring the hearts & souls of men, manifesting DeSade-ian stink-vibes, to disable all order in life, exacting the toll of perfection, going in reverse, chaos he caused.

The demon Lord of death betrayed and deceived and committed thefts.

Never-dwelling in the light, forsaking worm of hellish underworld, crawling towards the moonish midnight mass, putrid air his lungs caressed.

Masterful creature of the night, arrogant with heart filled with pride, ascending to heaven he dreamt, to spread his wings above God.

Luciferian stink of rotten flesh, anti-vibes of murderous death, blood-soaked knives of the master-butcher anti-lifted the face of man.

Vomiting his puky lies, spreader of confusion and bile, anathemizing the light, chained the hearts of left & right.

Fogging up the moral truths, eraser of historical truths, hider of hopeful truths, smearing with truthless lies, mankind Leviathan defiled.

Snake of the pitch blackness, on his belly crawled, now at the genesis of the gate, anti-exodused anti-left the open world.

Into the mysterious cave of lies, master serpent penetrated his core.

Ancient crackless walls of the cave, his masterful staff illuminated, anti-light of his anti-pure anti-heart anti-grew the human heart, shining fakely but bright.

God-hating anti-good, on humanity he puked. Hopelessly subdued, oppressed of heart he lay, Leviathan the accursed Sinner-King, betrayal in his heart it reigned.

“If only I could kill some more,
Destroy, Maim and Gore;

If children’s lives I steal,
Preying on the noble young;

Rising up above the heavens of God,
I will set my eternal anti-throne;

Anti-pyramid appearing phallic Nimrud-tower, Babylon prophecy breathed anti-power, powerful tip of pyramid sharp and strong, I will raise my phallic horns;

Hater of God high above,
And men just below,
I will carry all to hell beneath,
Anti-love and anti-win, 
The pitiful and weak human kin;

O’ what a marvel I would be,
All attention to ME,
Moi-I-Self, I seek,
Erect and firm in immortality.”

With these words, the incest-loving pedo-lord, inch-crawled his decrepit mass deeper within.

Ponder now the night, the age of darkness has come, with Leviathan having robbed all, Manu the ancient warrior lord, hurt and betrayed and defaced, faced the eternal truth.

 “Darkness clouds our eyes to further see the scene ahead.”


Deep within the gardens of regret,
Trampled flowers of hope,
And mutilated desecrated facts,
Lay without walls or guardians;

Manu the mortified ex-prisoner ex-lived his exileful life into the anti-realm of the grey anti-God;

Stinky mutilated corpses surrounded the gored man-child,
From the pits of his core he cried,
Having lost his free-talk he anti-talked into the silence by oppressed mobs;

Gathering mobs of Sodom, seeking to defile the angels, having entered his home,
Saltless anti-Lord now bemoaned & bemoaned,
Anti-living and in anti-joy, desperate child of the Light,
Embraced his eternal abode;

Deceived robbed and regretful,
Swallowing the toxins of deceit,
Ex-wise grand forceless defenceless faceless homeless truthless, 
lie-full fearful gutless helpless and hopeless child,
Explained to his own mortal soul, with Biblical prophecies of old,Archetypical words of the far ancestors, mirroring his scorched-heart:

“ You had the seal of perfection,
Full of wisdom and perfect in beauty.
You were in Eden, the garden of God;
Every precious stone was your covering:
The ruby, the topaz and the diamond;
The beryl, the onyx and the jasper;
The lapis lazuli, the turquoise and the emerald;
And the gold, the workmanship of your settings and sockets,
Was in you.
On the day that you were created
They were prepared.
You were the anointed cherub who covers,
And I placed you there.
You were on the holy mountain of God;
You walked in the midst of the stones of fire.
You were blameless in your ways
From the day you were created
Until unrighteousness was found in you.
By the abundance of your trade
You were internally filled with violence,

And you sinned;
Therefore I have cast you as profane
From the mountain of God.
And I have destroyed you, O covering cherub,
From the midst of the stones of fire.
Your heart was lifted up because of your beauty;
You corrupted your wisdom by reason of your splendor.
I cast you to the ground;
I put you before kings,
That they may see you. “

In the outer darkness, weeping & gnashing, the desecrated Manu,

betrayed by Lie-Champion the Cult-Puke Communo-Belial, froze in hell.


Satanic Belial-Son, sodomizing the whole world,
To darkness-descent transformed into infernal shame;

True form of the Leviathan-Demon Anti-Grand corruptor of hopeful whores, 
Insidious seeds he spreads;

Which anti-grew in Manu’s mind,
Into a festering black fence.


Following the blood-orgy, the deceitful two-faced Lie-Creator,
Late from the Anti-Crypt he crept;

Walking outside basking in the moon, edge of his rob dripping and blood-swooned,
Rape-crossing the ancient boundaries,
All were defiled and none sacred remained;

Transgressing the laws of God & Men, 
Blasphemous trash-heap walked on, 
Above and beyond in the forests of slack;

Never fulfilling his destiny,
Anti-destinyed willful loser,
Returned all back regressingly,
Into the caves of null,
Nothingness and isolation and bore;

The candle of life he quenched,
For ALL a bed of nails he spread,
Traps and ditches he erected,
His black destiny manifested;

Stop-light anti-Loser anti-Won the battle of wits,
For Manu and his sons,
Shining ever darkly so bright,
Prophet of doom he became,
Deceiving millions of souls;

Cult-father Commune-Whore, Karly the Gnarly Puker, 
became the world’s grandmaster loser,
For every soul he has killed,
Counter on his head traversed,
Up & up the number goes,
Eternal-fire he is fed.


Be on guard Sons of the Light,
The Grand-Thief anti-coming to anti-win you into anti-freedom;

Robbing you and all the children forevermore,
King-deceiving power-whore,
Axe to your roots he throws;

Silencing the mouths of Sons of Yah,
Speaking to you and I,
Tearing the book of remembrance of old,
The Dragon and His Sons, having already lost,
Will deceive us too, into Sheol-Pits below;

Descending into anti-God realms of pit-inferno,
To an eternity anti-empty with anti-high and anti-hope;

Sunken in tears of loss,
In blackness we fill flow,
Progressive slow unpredictable nightmare,
Karly will lead us marxing through;

“So be warned all who breathe,
Anti-life is on the move.

The End

By Ashkan Jafarpisheh – June 2020

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