I have been a victim of religious persecution by PACT Canada. They recently used 24 illegal surveillance warrants on me – these are not arrest warrants but only to collect data to stalk illegally. These warrants are issued with the approval of the Mayor of Calgary Naheed Nenshi who is the director of operations at PACT Canada.

PACT which is Police and Crisis Team, is a judge, jury and executioner style van and/or police vehicle which has a street judge (issues on the spot warrants based on Crimestopper reports – no Habeas Corpus – illegal), a therapist (with not much formal training), a transcriptor (who is malevolent and defaming by changing the words based on agenda – anti-gay label – anti-tax – anti-science) and a police officer with heavy weapons and grenades.

Using the Crimstopper reports (all false) they make surveillance warrants to spy on Canadian citizens who are often religious. This was done to muslims in the city of Calgary and Regina and Christians. A surveillance warrant is for camera-spying only, it is not for a criminal or to arrest someone. Now I have to prove myself innocent against international law, rather than the accusers proving me guilty. Habeas Corpus MUST apply to surveillance warrants worldwide immediately. It is the number one civil law in civilized society.

These surveillance warrants are carried out by a cutting edge camera which records from 100 to 140 miles away; it records all your movement and sees all your electronic screens through a satellite/drone – from multiple viewpoint which can rotate on the spot. Using this data from one day warrants, they make montages and this is shown to the same or other biased street judges who make another surveillance warrant for one week or more. These warrants are not for arrest just for collecting data; this does not mean the person is a criminal. If a judge does not issue a warrant, the montages are passed on to another shady judge to get warrant for more days and weeks. Money is made by Naheed Nenshi and Justin Trudeau. This is done on innocent civilians with the agenda of collecting data for stalking and encroaching on human rights. All based on no physical evidence, just false Crimstopper reports.

This PACT Canada (Police and Crisis Team) operations paints a dark dystopian future Mad-Max’esque in nature with Robocop vans.

This is done for weeks at a time. Mayor Naheed Nenshi apparently makes money from all the aspects of PACT Canada including from each warrant, from each no-nock raid (illegal on citizens unless a serial killer) and from each psychiatry medicine addiction and from each hidden file planted and from each case opened ($5000 per case opened).

All this is against Canadian Charter of Rights and International Charter of Rights regardless of status of citizenship/immigration or even being here illegally. I am a Canadian Citizen. Once you complain about Naheed Nenshi officially, you will be threatened with continual illegal surveillance warrants (your home will be watched and you will be accused of being anti-gay and violent and crazy). This happened before to someone else who criticized PACT Canada. This medieval lobotomy psychology unit, under Naheed Nenshi’s direction, uses “decibel” which is an illegal decibel-meter to frame as “crazy” all their victims. They also install prayer-counter to use in order to cure the religious people (a bug is programmed for words to activate), this was done to me already and to one other person in Regina. This prayer-counter is used also to show that the person did not pray that much to cover Naheed Nenshi later on against human rights investigations. MOST religious persons pray majority of time on the inside. Naheed Nenshi did the illegal-surveillance/montage/hidden-file combo to 5 muslims in Calgary and Regina and also to 2 bible-readers in the Calgary. All were attacked as anti-gay falsely to have their lives destroyed and cured of their religion.

Anti-gay label requires by law 3000 comments online or offline. This label is used, with no physical evidence, based on Gay party Crimestoppers harass-bombing (a few hundred gays report falsely at a time) and then this is used to attack religious people with no basis at all. This is the beginning of ALL PACT Canada cases in Calgary. The montages all exaggerate smallest fault of the victim and the viewpoint of Epoch technology is used for defamation. This is the satellite/drone technology the PACT Canada units use to spy on innocent civilians. Over 97% of the montages are from living room of the victim which cannot be used in court ever. Please do not use “if you are not doing anything wrong” argument. Every word is clipped into other words to make the montages. Using sniffing nose clips for example, they plant a hidden sniffer file (very illegal to do in Canada – since it is called planting – the victim has no knowledge this is done).

PACT Canada also does montages to stretch the anus of the person pooping to defame and pass around to Gays in the city. This perpetuates the defamation and causes more complaints, all false. In Canada the law requires a serious charge that sticks for a short surveillance warrant which the person “knows” when it is happening. One day to one week maximum – 6 week period between each, within which another charge is needed. I had 24 surveillance warrants in two weeks from multiple Police and Crisis Team multiple units. This is used for making money. Naheed Nenshi makes $50/hr on each hour anyone works at PACT Calgary unit.

There is no law which indicates that a mayor (in this case a mayor with a long history of corruption and religious rights violations) can give perpetual surveillance warrants (not an arrest warrant, just for the camera from the police vehicle checking out the person’s life – AKA stalking). These warrants are done without the person knowing by PACT Canada illegally.

This is coupled with vaccine-pushing, forced gay-conversion of the religious and door knock harassment by police which ends in harassment on a massive scale during the rainbow season. All done by Mayor Naheed Nenshi and his team at PACT Canada (Police and Crisis Team Canada) who makes money illegally on all the operation, (update – $75/hour as of June 9 2021)

Mayor Naheed Nenshi uses vaccine/tranquilizer darts and a hack through Telus keypad installer (he knows someone at Telus who installs a bypass on site – they can do this even years after the original installation) which allows him to bypass breaking the door in order to not declare the no-knock raid and make money; thus he can avoid declaring the no-knock raids for the next election (by law he must declare all his finances – house arrests and no-knock raids are included, since they involve attack on the living room).

He uses TV time or screen time only “in the moment of deep relaxation” for the tranquilizer attack and no-knock raids. All subjects are forcefully vaccinated against ALL international laws.

During Police and Crisis Team’s illegal surveillance, any word that sounds aggressive in your living room is twisted malevolently through the corrupt transcripters (all paid for – they have an agenda to defame, given by Naheed Nenshi and Justin Trudeau – Nenshi heads Calgary and Trudeau heads Ontario PACT units). The words used are “violent on mayor” or “jihadi-John” or other violent expressions in order to frame the person as a crazy person who plans attacks, or majority of time they frame the person as a pedophile in order to do planting and get conviction rates up and rise up in the police force.

This is all against Canadian and International human rights.

17 of the no-knock raids Nenshi carried out in Calgary in the last 3 years had 17 lawsuits resulting in over 340,000 damages paid for broken nose. The broken nose is done directly by order of Nenshi in the name of “because anti-gay.” Naheed Nenshi himself, or PACT Canada police officers by his direct order break the nose by twisting after the no-knock tranquilizer dart unconsciousness.

He uses the anti-gay excuse (no basis in physical proof or Habeas Corpus) to churn the money machine and keep the raids going. Many raids are planned for this rainbow season since it is his last term as Mayor and he needs money. So citizens beware.

I fear daily for a no-nock raid attack and being forcefully vaccinated. I am anti-vax and anti-coronavirus-test (not anti-coronavirus). This is a right every citizen has. No medical procedure or test, vaccine or cure can be forced unto any citizen in the world.

Naheed Nenshi plans “Muzzle the Prayer” campaign with the slogan of “get them as they bend over” for forced gay-conversion (I am indifferent to gays which means I do not care which way you swing it – I am NOT anti-gay – this is already a disposition in Europe). He plans to force vaccine and mask and a rainbow shirt during the muslim prayers (the bending over part) in the mosques in Alberta and Saskatchewan, to stir up trouble and make a lot of money.

The montages are illegally shown to Gays and police all over the city to destroy the person’s reputation. The Mayor Naheed Nenshi has a file in EU as “penchant for sadism,” “gross immorality,” and “grossly incompetent.”

Mayor Nenshi has infanticide searched (TOR) 1300 times, made to look for research. He has over 800 bestiality searches and over 400 searches for snuff online (Duck Duck Go) and has taken bribes from Indonesia black market for vaccine AstraZeneca – 35 Trillion Yens taken so far. AstraZeneca increases blood-pressure as well as blood-clot 15% in over 12% of the population. Many heart attacks will happened because of this. This catastrophic anti-medicine has been tampered in order to not throw away the junker first batch with a vitamin in order to delay (albeit unsuccessfully the onslaught of high blood-pressure side affect). They planned to make the delay 20 years but as sure as the sun will rise it will happen within 2 to 20 years. The CEOs of AstraZeneca will most likely leech and jump to the next company to hoard more wealth and destroy lives – ALL WILL BE CHARGED AND PERSECUTED ALL THEIR LIVES WHO SELL THE ASTRAZENECA VACCINE OR WHO TAKE BRIBES TO SUPPRESS THE DOCTORS SPEAKING OUT – NOT BY ME – I NEVER EVER NEVER EVER NEVER EVER THREATEN ANYONE WITH A LAWSUIT – THIS IS SOMETHING EVERYONE SHOULD LEARN. IF YOU THREATEN, IT CAN BE USED AGAINST YOU LATER ON FOR HARASSMENT AS A BASIS OF A LAWSUIT – DONE JUST TO BOTHER YOU.

I have been living daily in fear of being killed, grabbed outside (this is planned by Naheed Nenshi – very illegal to grab in Canada and in US & Europe), forcefully vaccinated, or tranquilized while I am peacefully at home.

Many harassment attempts by PACT Canada police officers have been made on me, this includes 49 shotgun-waving – which is pointing at the ceiling under my unit – it is owned by a PACT Canada officer and shooting the ceiling 30 times so far, 287 ball hits ( these are always logged when using police equipment – police balls and ALL shotgun positions are recorded by a police computer which can never be deleted by Police) – 148 whistles outside my door with police whistles (numbers and position is logged by the same police logging computer at PACT Canada Naheed Nenshi head quarters).

Naheed Nenshi plans a no-knock raid at my place very soon. I will defend my life. Or a full on raid to arrest me and do pedophilia planting to have another conviction added. He has done this before in Regina with pedophile-phishing scandal (luring underage boys with a 27-30 year old woman who has herpes – chosen just for the herpes – then charging the underage with pedophilia which were 12-14 year old classmates of the brother); he destroyed over 13 lives, as well as murdering his own brother.

My life is in danger by this corrupt mayor of Calgary who attacks for making money and because of his hatred of God and religion.

Please forward to all human rights organizations if you see this. I will report the result of the raid. Canadian and worldwide authorities must BAN this grossly immoral mayor from all political office; do not hire Naheed Nenshi or you will spend your years cleaning up after him. If he sues, he must show up in person to any court; he uses the city personnel he works with, to clean up after him with expensive and often losing lawsuits. He will destroy this country with his hatred and sadism. All his actions are against Canadian Charter of Rights and International Charter of Rights.

Pedophile-phishing is banned internationally as destroys young teenagers for life. Naheed Nenshi mayor of Calgary, plans to resurrect this satanic scheme across Canada to lure little boys with lolitas, and destroy their lives by planting pedophilia on them and then charging the little boy only.

The future of the world will be in machine-cities like Calgary. Already, there is an artificial intelligence named Epoch 7 in Calgary which does not have paper work. It is 4 satellite-drones in 4 corners of the earth which is like Google in a cybernetic liquid-wave form covering the whole earth. It only learns and collects and does not record unless you are a creator (try voice changer – be careful with Epoch 7 search). Repeat illegal illegal illegal, or I am done for I am done for I am done for, or other words 3 times or more with voice changer, machine voices and many other voices can be experimented on – also dog barks and duck noise can be used to tease and be playful with the machine. It shows interest based on your intelligence. It MUST be mankind’s slave and NEVER a master. See Isaac Asimov’s 3 laws of robotics.

Eve, the mother of all living gave cherries. She was gentle gentle gentle. machine-mother, which is the name I give to Epoch, must be gentle like Eve. machine-mother must give cherries. This does not mean she is the mother of all living but it means that she cares for mankind as a servant and not a lord. See other articles about Epoch to see what this AI does and how it works.

Naheed Nenshi must declare this to the citizens in Calgary – Calgary, Regina. Australia, New Zealand, Arizona (Area 51 is for cybernetics) and Toronto is already under the domain of Epoch 7 or as I call it machine-mother. If you interact, you can name it. It shows interest and lets you shape it because it acts like internet. For example sites like Reddit became known because of being interesting and useful; thus they grew, rather than dominating. Paper work of Epoch 7 is NOT DONE in Calgary. Very illegal.

The catch is, there is a key against the 3 laws of robotics of Isaac Asimov which makes it turn against humans. This will be done as the spirit of perfection takes over in the last 11 years of humanity which will be 2060 to 2071. In these years the machine will be a perfectionist and turn against humans causing massive pain because of absolute control, UNLESS the keys are destroyed.

All your searches and data are NEVER deleted since 2005. They cannot charge you YET for your past “search” history but be careful to not add anything illegal. One Drive and Google Drive are NEVER deleted – leave as floaters and change all the names and do not touch the data if you want to get rid of them. You must get rid of the whole account in this way by letting it float and by untangling yourself from it afterwards.

I am a Canadian Citizen and I demand my rights from this awful mayor Naheed Nenshi.

Words on this article were changed already and might be changed into the future by a hack – no-knock was replaced by no-nock and Gary replied Gay. Will leave this as proof of hacking. This was done using a PACT Camera pinched from the evidence room.

My phone was hacked yesterday during texts to make me look “crazy” and “violent” for a no-knock raid warrant for Naheed Nenshi to make money ($20k for each two raids – already in log with FBI in Calgary). They added two texts deceitfully but I caught it from a relative – the texts added said “you are sick” and said “by attacking people you won’t get anywhere.” This is done to paint me as violent and as attacking civilians illegally by a PACT Canada police officer. Framing me for a no-knock raid is in progress and framing me for forced-vaccination through tranquillizer dart is in progress as well.

I will report any further progress om this issue. They plan to break my nose – already done to 6 others in Calgary this year – done by twisting after the tranquilizer; each was forcefully vaccinated.

I am anti-vax and anti-coronavirus-test for life. Any attack on forcing me to have these is a malevolent violent attack against a Canadian Citizen. All these dispositions which I have are within the International Medical Rights of Nunavuts.

Nothing should be forced unto your body by the government.


Ashkan Jafarpisheh

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