Amir Sheikh of Dubai also known in hacker circles as Queen of England ordered assassins earlier tonight for $400,000 to kill me for this knowledge. There is an AI satellite-drone named Epak or Epoch which is illegally used to stalk on civilians. Queen of England the hacker, made billions selling these to elite of England to stalk little kids. He also watches snuff live regularly to eat. All the knowledge in this article is not disjointed but rather it is about illegal surveillance tickets which are used to turn the sattelite-drone into a cybernetic stalker which follows and tracks and records all movement of anyone on the planet, as long as they have any biometric data with Google.

Naheed Nenshi Mayor of Calgary also harasses Ashkan Jafarpisheh continually to have him killed. Multiple murder attempts on me including Max Von Emilliano, Chad Mulba, Hassan the Snitch and Desert Snake have been made. Last night there was a short blackout to have me killed which resulted in rapid emails and calls made as they were prowling around to come in to avert the attack. 911 calls were delayed on purpose by the operator and also I received a dummy call from police – they will use this style in the future to have people murdered and give time and room for killers – including a blackout to wipe any knowledge. It has been used 3 times worldwide already by Desert Snake who oversees the assassination attempts. If I die by a Blackout – investigate his anus (the one that knows knows).

The attackers use a camera called “smopmn one” which uses Epoch 8 surveillance-drone to track and see all movement and chemicals and heart rate and all electronics and screens and it can download data at 1000000 mega bites per/second. This makes it very difficult to avert the attack without police intervention, any escape paths or running will be known to killers.

A few killers with these camera in one building is the method they plan to stalk-kill me very soon – this can be known on Desert Snake’s private undeletables in Max basement logs. Desert Snake now plans to kill me with the help of a PACT Canada Police officer named Vince Van Mulligan and Max Von Emilliano and Chad Mulba – all are government police and government assassins – the assassins are registered with reported kills but they “rest and relax” with their kills illegally.

There was drowsy stink-bomb used from the unit below at early hours of this morning to make me feel sleepy. The unit is owned by half brother of a PACT Canada Police and Crisis Team Officer – Naheed Nenshi mayor of Calgary makes money on all aspects of PACT Canada operations (Police and Crisis Team).

Max von Emaillinao is a registered government assassin who was hired by Naheed Nenshi – If I get murdered by him or anyone it is from Naheed Nenshi mayor of Calgary and Justin Trudeau prime minister because of my knowledge of Epoch 8 and it’s illegal usage to record on random civilians and because of my complaints about PACT Canada Corruption and Naheed Nenshi and Justin Trudeau’s history of murders (multiple each – two window throws for Justin Trudeau, and Naheed Nenshi did one but indirectly through a PACT Canada no-knock raid – made to look like suicide here in Calgary).

Naheed Nenshi plans an all out assault on Hutterites to use for PACT Canada time-sink to bother with vaccine and mask as a test before going into other religious gatherings to bother them and make money. Naheed Nenshi illegally makes $50/hour on ALL personnel of PACT Canada (Police and Crisis Team) and also on no-knock raids – he needs one more to make $20,000 (after each 2 he makes this).

Repeatedly I have been telling them by email to get lost from me at PACT Canada (Police and Crisis Team). Today there was repeated knocks on my door and loud talks by PACT Canada (Police and Crisis Team) to harass me and antagonize the neighbours to turn them on me. They use these antagonization and harassment to get the person to call in or email and then they frame as “crazy;” this frame is then used for multiple illegal surveillance warrants – all done using Epoch 8. These hidden warrants are not because of crime – they are for money and money alone for Naheed Nenshi ($50/hour on all personnel) and Justin Trudeau (prime minister of Canada $100/hour on all personnel hours).

Each illegal surveillance only warrant is for one day – they can download ALL your data to 3 contacts deep with one day and have all you points (vulnerable spots) for life to twist and bother you.

Epoch 8 or as I call it machine-mother is the future of internet and will replace it. The 5g towers are for Epoch 8 among other things – for machines and not mens.

Naheed Nenshi – the mayor of Calgary – is a pedophile who loves little boys – in the last 10 years of Epoch 8 1400 surveillance tickets (these are tickets to get permission form Epoch 8 to stalk – open ended – not one day) have been used for little boys in Calgary.

Justin Trudeau likewise uses Epoch 8 among many other high ups as stalking live-jerking material illegally. These knowledges have had me target of massive harassment and stalking by PACT Canada officers who are under Naheed Nenshi as the head and the Justin Trudeau to have me killed.

Distress, decibel, stress, crazy and all other illegal Medieval Lobotomy Psychology is used to go into person’s life by force to encroach – this is the agenda that was given to them by higher ups including Max Emille of Ontario who overseas worldwide planting of PACT Canada units (seeds of malevolence from the MACHINE to obliterate human rights.)

Over 14000 times my illegal surveillance ticket data was sent out – all to known stalkers all over the world. This is because of Epoch 8 – they used illegal surveillance tickets to stalk me and take my data.

Naheed Nenshi (mayor of Calgary) likewise used 3 surveillance tickets on myself and my loved ones – each has 17 jumps which can be sued to stalk the people living around the subject or those known by him anywhere in the world.

Many grabbing and murder attempts now in progress to get me killed anywhere I go.

Naheed Nenshi hates God and religion. This can be seen in the way he treats the religious people for 22 years, always hostile with the attitude “get him.” The future generations must receive this warning about PACT Canada (Police and Crisis Team) or any other name of these medieval lobotomy psychology units made to vaccine-force and to encroach for control and suppression and for taking away dissents.

Naheed Nenshi mayor of Calgary he uses PACT Canada on those that criticize him. Justin Trudeau prime minster also doe the same.

I have been fearing daily for shotgun attack and other kind of attacks and grabbing outside – as well as forced-vaccination – window-throwing (they use “crazy” to make fake suicides and murder) and poisoning and other attacks.

I REJECT TRUDEAU’S ORDER OF PROTECTION FOREVER AND EVER AND IT IS THE SAME FOR ALL MY LOVED ONES. This has been said on log repeatedly while I am under surveillance – this deceitful order is $20,000 each for Justine Trudeau prime minister and Naheed Nenshi Calgary mayor – repeats are for something to do with engravings in Epoch 8 – in the future they will try to wipe complaints about past corruption to rise. Now it can never be done about Naheed Nenshi and Justin Trudeau the Epoch-stalkers of Canada.



These should be repeated by you in your emails to government and police starting now and all your life until it is known as a disposition. They will use all you past permission to give themselves permission illegally to stalk.

Epoch 8 is out of control – this case with Naheed Nenshi mayor of Calgary and Justin Trudeau prime minister of Canada and their PACT Unit (Police and Crisis Team) proves this point. Police And Crisis Units or similar enforcement styles are woven into Epoch 8 to control and dominate – these teams like PACT have an all in one Van with psychologist, transcriptor who is corrupt, man with heavy weapons, driver, street judge who give Epoch 8 warrants on the sot (no training), vaccine tranquillizer dart (AstraZeneca is used in this to push it out and get rid of stock before expiry.)

All Epoch 8 engineers like Desert Snake and Desert Rose and Anthony Quinn the maggot should be charged if I die because of a blackout – these will be repeatedly bribed until I am killed.

AstraZeneca bribed both Justin Trudeau and Naheed Nenshi to cover up 1500 times higher than reported rate of blood-clot results in AstraZeneca.

All known promoters and engineers and the one owner who is Samuel Adamson must be investigated for blackout is I get murdered or I disappear. I will never kill myself. They have ways to make it look like a heart attack called chock-therapy needle which PACT Canada can order and has ordered to kill Ashkan Jafarpisheh.

I will write further as this progresses. 911 calls are delayed on purpose and also ALL have seen defamation videos of me as crazy and a sniffer so that they do not answer quickly – this is also known as denial of caller – it is ILLEGAL in Canada to do this and most places worldwide.

Max Von Emilliano(assassin)- Desert Snake (Epoch engineer) – Vince Van Mulligan (PACT Canada Officer) – Jay Paduk (PACT Canada officer) and Hassan the maggot (PACT Canada assassin) by the order of Naheed Nenshi mayor of Calgary and Justin Trudeau prime minster are prowling around to kill me asap to silence my knowledge of PACT Canada and Epoch being used on civilians illegally for globalist agenda and to make money.

If I die it is them. Max Von Emilliano is someone Naheed Nenshi used before in the area for kills. He is a registered assassin with the government has zero kills except an old lady – Carbon Monoxide. Proof of texts exist of their exchange saying “get him” and also camera log saying “grab and kill” at two different days.

Ashkan Jafarpisheh (Calgary Alberta June 1 2021)

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