For the last two days Naheed Nenshi the mayor of Calgary has been sending assassins and PACT Canada Police and Crisis Team to have me killed and or harass me continually to get me to react. He has been using the Police and Crisis Team which is a non-subsidiary and an illegal part of Alberta Health Services, for torture and experiments on Edward Bernays style behaviour control of the religious. The have done waterboarding – see Alberta logs of January 2020 – the man never reported.

He uses prayer-counters and many different bugs installed in and around the unit or the home of the person that is the victim, to suppress and control behaviour.

The last two days I had loud knocking that shook my door with turning the handle, and had officers from PACT Canada (Police and Crisis Team) talk through the door to try to harass and antagonize me, and on purpose they were very loud and pushy to antagonize the neighbours against me. I never open the door for the police anymore because I fear for my life – No one who reads this send the police – this will be used to kill me. I already report to Crimestoppers – it is a very good place for all your police issues and I also call 911 as needed.

Naheed Nenshi and Justin Trudeau (Calgary mayor and Prime Minister) also sent assassins multiple nights named Chad Mulba, and Max Von Emilliano and Hassan the Snitch , who must be investigated if I die as first degree premeditated murder of a legal and record-free Canadian Citizen; I wrote on my blog and reported to Crimestoppers and authorities about PACT Canada (Police and Crisis Team Canada) CORRUPTION and suppression and also about the sales of illegal surveillance tickets using Epoch 8 satellite/drone. These are what PACT Canada (Police and Crisis Team Canada – the repetitions of the full name do engravings in Epoch 8 – see my other article about what Epoch 8 is) uses to stalk on unsuspecting citizens. The name might change for Police and Crisis Team to Police and Concession Team or something else – you can know them by street judges and on the spot no Habeas Corpus illegal surveillance warrants on the innocent. These are not warrants for arrest but just used to collect all their data. Every PACT Canada Police and Crisis Team victim has ALL their data taken and uploaded to Epoch machine-core in Indonesia.

They make montages using the Epoch 8 camera “smopm one” and they used to make hater and sniffer files using nose movement and anything that sounds remotely violent – this includes movie clips. These files are very hard to delete but easy to challenge – they use this to delete and resurrect and keep making money from the hidden file – Naheed Nenshi and Justin Trudeau illegally make money on all aspects of PACT Canada (Police and Crisis Team Canada) – because of many reports by me to authorities all over the word through Interpol, FBI and Crimestoppers they want to silence me in order to coverup the sales of illegal surveillance tickets of Epoch 9 (number moved up just now – check time for proof) and PACT Canada Police and Crisis Team Corruption.

They also use PACT Canada – Police and Crisis Team to force and sell AstraZeneca vaccines on children and elderly because the vaccines are going past their expiry date. They use tranquilizer/vaccine darts – very illegal anywhere in the world.

Naheed Nenshi mayor of Calgary has done other murders with Max Von Emilliano including his own mother (Carbon Monoxide poisoning) and January Adams of Calgary a few years ago. These are the same people, with Justin Trudeau’s order, that are out to kill me.

I will post further progress; if I get killed, pass this information everywhere so others will not be silence or killed because of it. Many know about epoch 8 – just because you know don’t think you will get killed.

Both Naheed Nenshi and Justin Trudeau are corrupt vaccine-whores who will use PACT Canada Police and Crisis Team “judge, jury and executioner” style street teams, on all the religious to destroy their lives and make money on ALL aspects of the operation.

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