In the loving-dungeons of GOR,
Maxine the whore,
Sat alone & bewildered,
A lifetime of mincing her feet,
And deceiving just for sex,
Had caught up to her,
Now the machine sensed hate.

In the heat of her debauchery,
While committing endless adultery,
With the Grand-politician,
She spoke rashly and,
Her mask had slipped.

Saying as she was high & drunk,
Sometimes I wonder what if,
We were free to love AND,
We were free to HATE.

Being zealous for the constitution,
Diligent to follow orders AND,
To bend the knee to men,
The politician devised a plan.

If I were to tell on this whore,
Using the videos I always record,
As I rape and exploit and gorge,
Maybe I can then promote,
Rising up higher to the top,
I can almost see the triangle-tip.

Joviously rushing to his unholy leader, 
With the video in hand,
Maxine was thus exposed.

Unbeknownst to the useful fool,
And the idiot who policed,
He was complicit in the crime.

In the merciless eyes of the law,
Being the first to be tortured,
Before Maxine the seductress,
His begging-for-mercy screams,
Penetrated her very heart.

Lying naked on her back,
Her feet stretched & nailed,
The overwhelming pain of political-Pig,
Almost made her forget her own.

Numbed by the massive-trauma,
Maxine the ex-child of the Light,
Hallucinated with all her might.


Walking in a twisty cave,
Her body once again invigorated,
Young, pretty & pure,
Maxine walked and skipped.

Free of the weight of her pain,
And the torturous sadistic-net,
Suffocating her in real life,
In the suburb-city of GOR.

Man-beasts with Luciferian-agendas,
Issued Satanic Occult Decrees,
Laying an impossible burden,
On the heart of all who were weak,
Your must never ever HATE.

Saying yes to all orders,
Always compliant, obedient & smiling,
Was a small price to pay,
For safety and no crime.

Making all men equal,
Except themselves who were more,
Installing constant surveillance,
Using the out of control advance,
Of technological-wizardry,
They created a Smart AI-Prison.

Every transaction & move,
Was recorded and logged,
Behind the zero hate curtain lay,
The greatest robbery of all time.

Robbing mankind of freedom,
To move and associate and believe,
Robbing risk & adventure,
And bubbly private God-given days,
Mankind’s soul was thus plagued,
Under the steel mask of no-hate,
Robbed of all Charter of Rights.

Issuing executive orders,
With cries of inclusivity & love,
And of equality and freedom,
To combat online hate,
They destroyed the last bastion,
Of mankind’s freedom of speech.

Since controlling the narrative,
Is so critical to understand,
They morphed reality, into a nightmare.

In reality behind the performance-mask,
Of nice and perfect city of Omid,
Was the greatest GOOD vs EVIL,
Battle of all time.

Disguising himself as an Angels of the Light,
The Dark-Black anti-lord,
With his false prophets,
Deceived the entire world.

Using the health experts,
And using deadly viruses,
And environmental hoaxes,
To scare the undiscerning masses,
He sought to control, control, control.

Not heeding the warning of the ancients,
In regards to the control of the tyrant,
Saying in the future,
When there will be mockers festive,
Laughing and forcing all,
To receive a Mark,
Without which you won’t be able to,
Travel, buy & sell.

The suckers were used to police,
And quench the last flame of truth,
With the perfect control of media,
True reality was morphed.


Now walking in the beautiful-cave,
Childlike-Maxine the benevolent,
Tasting once again the Forgotten-nectar,
Of the Light who loved & adored her,
She strolled towards the centre.

Poking a couple of cute ladie-bugs,
Who even smiled a lil bit,
Feeling mirthful and wise,
Happy, light-footed and exalted,
Maxine reached the CAVE-CORE.

Passing the final bend,
A Light-golden flicker embraced,
The bewitching eyes of Maxine.

Her pretty green-eyes lit up,
As her youthful body was showered,
With loving-rays of the Light,
Enlightening her RUDDY-face.


Embracing the Father of Life,
The Source, the Loving Creator of All,
The heart of babie-Maxine melted,
With the kind and gentle vibes.

Tears of soft repentance,
Welling up in her adorable eyes,
She heard the words of the Light.

“Maxine, my daughter, my love,
Killing 7 of your unborn,
Now the cries of the babies,
And the injustice they endured,
In my ear is very great,
Robbing them of millions of choices,
For each, so you can behave,
In an ungodly, un-ladylike way.

Tell me my precious daughter,
If you were a Just-Goddess,
And a baby you gave life to,
The Breath of Life which is at conception,
Told you she was not allowed,
To even live a single day,
What would your answer be?”

The Divine-Tree all of a sudden withering,
All was black, black, black,
The mighty sword of truth,
Penetrated her heart.

Now in the valley of decision,
Being cut to the quick,
With the Master-blade,
Maxine chose to soften her heart.

Finally after decades of running,
The old deceitful witch,
Opened herself up to the core,
To the massive pain she had caused.


Back in the forsaken dungeon,
Anti-love, Anti-God, Anti-Virus,
Anti-free & Anti-safe,
Maxine opened her eyelids.

The murderous pain of the goads,
Penetrating her feet,
And the muffled whimper,
Of the sadistic-pig,
Now close to the moment of death,
Begging for his pathetic-life,
Brought Maxine back to NOW.

The giant priestess awakened,
The mighty old-soul now accepted,
The truth of her past-crimes,
Thus her pain she embraced.

As the torturer of the future-self,
Opened the rusty copper-gate,
And pulled out Maxine’s nails,
To take her to her fate,
Maxine’s heart smiled.

Finally receiving the truth,
Which she minimized, denied & repressed,
Rescued her torturous soul,
From the second Fiery-Lake.

Humbling herself softly,
Allowing the sharp words of the Light,
Penetrate her rotten-core,
Her soul now beautifully shone,
Becoming an Icon of Hope,
She started a movement of faith,
And became immortalized thus,
In the eyes of mankind.


By Ashkan Jafarpisheh – October 5 2020

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