Walking down wobbling,
Shocked and o so bewildered,
The Ex-man of God,
Now what am I?

Walked on the cyber-highway,
But only in his own mind.

Electric Zigzag Giraffe Jungles,
Neon 3D Leather Tokyo Bazaars,
Dark Sky anti-shone,
In the heart of Maxi-boy.

Looking at his watch,
Which was a phone and a camera,
And his whole life really,
He now belonged to the machine,
Or did he?

He was now thinking,
To be or not to be?

He was on his way to the kiosk,
The one with that cute lady standing by,
Who is actually kind of hot,
But never mind that, let’s talk.

“I am on the way to get the Mark.”

Man-beasts took over,
Like a rapist from behind controlling,
Muzzling us with masks,
For the Maoistic greater good,
They made us all spies,
Useful-idiots turning on each other.

The truth of the ancients,
And the bejeweled golden-lampstands,
Now deep repressed beneath,
In ancient forests of the Lost.

Man-beasts in suit & ties,
With cloud of stinky chemicals,
With the mask of compassion,
And the forced performance of niceness,
They sought to perfectionize the world.

But in order for perfection,
The mathematical kind anyway,
You must control first.

Devising a long-term plan,
Rockefeller named fella,
He might have received direct order,
From the mouth of Satan,
Population he sought to control.

Getting rid of the useless-eaters,
A eugenics’ wildest wet-dream,
To shape the Blade-pyramid,
Into a Phallic-exalted tip.

Now fast forward a century later,
Yesterday it was announced,
There is a really bad pandemic.

Enemies of all mankind,
Those viruses who are always out there,
The invisible enemy attacks,
And it’s spreading pretty fast.

If you want to buy & sell,
Or travel or move or do anything,
They require you to be chipped.

This way they can make sure,
Nothing will ever go wrong.

Max strolled along the golden horizon,
Of the Neu-City, deep in contemplation.

You see, my delightful & beautiful reader, this pesky Max, was not as shallow, or should we say vegetabilized as he let out.

Max was an ex-Bible scholar, or as they would call him, a Memorizer.

Since in the last pandemic they had gotten rid of all the Bibles, he was one of the few who was a keeper of the Light.


Strolling down the perfect streets, with perfect lighting & perfect neu-wind, GMO flowers with their sweet-scent, a bit fake but it’s all good.

Sky blocked by a dome, pumped full of chemicals to keep us cool and safe.

Cameras every few steps,
Ensured the zero statistic,
Of Criminally-free men.

Looking at his smart watch,
Soon to be replaced by the Mark,
An ocean of thoughts,
And a deeply repressed voice,
Came to the surface.

Lowering his mask, in a mask-free zone, Maximus-Max looked beyond the bridge into the Nimrodian domed city.

The air was silent, and the perfection of the moment frightened Max.

“What if this is too good to be true? What if I am deceived by the worst possible lie?

Am I on the edge of a cliff, of no-return and tumbling towards never-ending downward-descent?”

“October 17th note;” thought the the sorrowful prophet-Maxie, which was confirmed by a quick neuro-path bleep.

“Please state the desired volume.”


His own voice recited the long-treasured verse to him; since all the Bibles were outlawed, this was a way of going around the system:

“And he causes all, the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free men and the slaves, to be given a mark on their right hand or on their forehead, and he provides that no one will be able to buy or to sell, except the one who has the mark, either the name of the beast or the number of his name.”

Shivering deep within,
The tormented truth deep repressed,
Clawing to find a way out,
From behind the Mask of Perfection,
And of forced niceness,
Inclusivity and the communist lie of the greater good,
Sought a listening ear.

“Hey Max, my friend of old, the Prophet, the Memorizer, why have you sold your soul, enslaved by machines & gadgets, no longer in your Sunday-best seeking the throne of God, now hiding the truth, seeking to be comforted by the lie?

Man-beasts seeking to perfectly control, devised & executed a long-term plan, to implant you with a chip, which they mocked & deceived, claiming it will never happen.

The slumbering frog-boil of humanity, now has reached a hundred degrees.

Now on the way to the altar,
About to be sacrificed to Lucifer,
Will you face the Truth,
Or will you be the cowardly who escapes?”

A sickening feeling in Max’s belly announced to him that something is so very wrong.

Having given up his faith, the Grand Memorizer Maximus, who was once a great Light, had led many to be deceived, promoting the Mark.

Now on his way to be chipped, in front of the assembly, he was tormented by doubt.

Dark-vibes of foreboding,
Sought to overcome the perfect scene,
And the Pharmakeia-whoring,
With vaccine-updates he was pumped.

Optimal emotional state,
And perfect this & that,
All forcefully controlled,
By machines & chemicals.

Now at the end of the line,
Before the final Transhumanist merge,
Maximus-Max grieved the loss.

Softening his heart for a moment,
He sensed the sadistic force of the Mask,
Trying to make it feel like it’s ok.

The Spirit of the Light,
Deeply hidden but still a flicker,
Dripped a gentle Seed of Truth,
Through to the blackened heart of Max.

Opening himself up to hear,
Before he is eternally sealed,
Maximus embraced the truth.

The sweet starved truth-child,
Gently coming out of the dungeon-cave,
Skinny with ribs showing,
Eyes blind by the lack of the Light.


As the truth-child lay dying,
Maximus thought “that’s it?
A sudden burst of panic,
Realized what had just happened,

His voice of conscience had been fully silenced,
His heart, like Moses’ Pharaoh was hardened.

A sudden peace & calm rested over Max; the anxiety & worry, poof, gone baby gone.

The nagging feeling, the guilt of his betrayal and the many he deceived, gone.

The verses, especially that annoying Mark one, gone ooh baby gone, yee-haw!

A feeling of mirth taking over, the evening-sky even looked more pink.

Which made him think of Izabel. A quick but hardened erection reminded him of his sweet Izabella, not remembering, that it was her sweet-deceit that had turnt him away from the Light.

Hopeful horizon only,
Only joy & transcendence I see before me.

Man & Machine embracing,
Merging to advance goodness,
We have destroyed poverty,
The Communist vision is really true.

If we were to all sacrifice,
Our liberty and our rights,
For the greater good,
Learning to live, with a bit of surveillance,
In every part of our life,
Being guided by the Beast,
And his Baby-AI,
Once we are implanted with the chip,
We will march forward eternally,
On the true paths of life.

Looking out of the window of his taxi, Maximus peered with a sense of pride into the world around. 

Mankind had overcome much, with their latest achievement being the curing of the religious people from their moral-delusion.

“Science is God!”

This revelation, finally after years of resisting, bloomed as a majestic revelatory-flower, illumining his innermost being.

Tears of joy & compassion, and the feeling of inter-connectedness to all humanity (My brothers and sisters, he thought), bombarded the scene in which Maximus, surrendered, stilled and restfully sat.

A couple of jokes and a friendly chatter with the driver, lifted up the mood. The driver also was on the way to be Marked after his shift.

In a 24-hour period the plan was to have the mandatory vaccine, This vaccine, which used nano-bots & DNA-altering technology, permanently altered your nervous system to function in co-ordination with a central AI, a perfect machine which directed the whole world all at once to the best path collectively and for each individual.

This would ensure the complete elimination of all crime, sickness & disharmony. The Mark would perfectionize humanity.

A proud spirit of transcendence and achievement danced around the halls of Maximus’ heart as he walked up the stairs to receive the Mark.


“Ladies & gentlemen!”

Crowd cheers…

“Now the moment you have all been waiting for, the last of his kind, the great Memorizer of the Bible…”


“The Prophet…”



Max felt a bit nervous but the partying and the joyous scene was starting to lift up his soul; filled with mirth and full of love, Maximus Max, the dancing anti-prophet, walked up the stage.

Peaceful-Maxie, having overcome the torturous dungeons of faith, was about to receive the enduring crown of science.

“Science is truth. We are nothing but matter. How could I have been so blind?”

Care & love for all his brothers and sisters welled up within the heart of Great-Maximus as he drew close to the speaker, a purple-haired obese man who did not smell as good as Max would have liked, which by exercising self-control, Monk-Maxie brought the thought of under control, instead choosing to focus on his baptism into the Cult of Science.

“Hello!” Said the speaker in a mocking tone as he disrespectfully looked Maximus up and down. He even quickly touched Maximus’ behind and sniffed his fingers, saying “not bad,” which made the crowd erupt in a burst of violent mocking laughter. Maximus sensed a murderous & hostile energy in the laughter.

 “This is not what I was thinking was going to happen.” Fear, like a dark cloak of daggers, started to press Maximus into the centre of his being; as if to suck him into a malevolent spiritual black-hole.

“Repeat after me, God is a ****!”


“What an idiot!”

“Come on goat-herder!”



“What…what is going on here guys?” 2 Armed officers, forcefully dragged Max as he was screaming.

“Repeat…Repeat…Repeat!” The deafening chant petrified Maximus.

On the Marking-chair, which was mockingly spray painted with a colorful 666, Maximus after much pressure finally succumbed and in a barely audible voice muttered “God is a ****.”

All his thoughts were to get this nightmare over with, so he can have a chance to recuperate & ascertain what had just happened.


Maximus felt nothing. Dazed & bewildered, accompanied by blasphemous curse words towards God, head down, humiliated, soul-raped & ashamed he left the stage.

Having sold his soul fully,
To worship the Beast & His image,
As the torturer of the future-self,
Announced an eternity of torment,
Maximus blackened and fully robbed,
Spent a miserable final night,
In his lonely God-forsaken abode.

That night the wrath of the Light,
Through giant asteroids,
Was manifested throughout the earth.

Waking up with sudden screams,
As his skin & flesh were boiling,
Maximus begged to be saved.

Hearing no answer,
Denied by the God he denied,
Maximus thus embraced,
Torturous Flames of Hell.

Weeping & gnashing of teeth,
In the realm of the dead,
Where their worm does not die,
And their fire is not quenched;

Maximus’ corpse thus became,
An abhorrence to all mankind.


By Ashkan Jafarpisheh – September 2020

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8 months ago
Reply to  darklylight

Please prepare spiritually for the last 8 years will commence very very soon: https://sumofthyword.com/2016/10/04/the-rapture-of-the-church-is-after-the-tribulation/