LUNA VII: The Perfection-Dungeon

Nano dot no room to move,
Stay in-line right on point,
Still, obedient, clueless unthinker,
Made to consume and be a good lil boy.

Birthed in frozen labs,
Within the frozen grasp,
Of steel & iron machine-AI.

Produced to produce,
Cutting off all dead-weight,
Statistics over common sense,
We will leap greatly forward!

For the greater good get injected,
Stay locked-up, masked-up and o so very scared.

Robotic humanized pseudo-men,
And fabricated glassi confused ladies.

Minds chemical-whoring to the maximum,
Hearts gone baby gone.

Choosing to look away,
And to enjoy the feel good of the Matrix,
Clothing ourselves with deceit,
We seek pleasure rather than truth.

Cutting off all avenues of pain,
Which are the same ones you see gain,
Strolling along long ago,
When men were true men.


Within a tiny Chinese lab,
Among the many cube billions,
A random lottery of monstrosity,
Fell to an ill-fated lil girl.

Maxine the Benevolent,
Never saying no or resisting,
Just the perfect shill,
Or anything really,
You wanted her to be,
For the day that is,
Tomorrow who knows.

Given an average look,
To be sold as the cheaper stock,
With a quick dimple added here & there,
And the stomach a bit chubbier,
The one thing though that they left,
Was her top of the line brain!

When they went to stupefy,
And purposefully fry,
A few of her excess IQs,
The crazy lunatic AI-Wiz,
Pooped out, giving a weird glitchy glitch.

Unaware as to what went on,
And being behind their quota,
They erred by hurrying forward.

Eyes of baby-Maxine,
Unbeknownst to her,
Implanted with the Dandelight of Good,
Which is the seed of the Love of God,
Opened freshly and with joy.

Looking through compassionate eyes,
Immediately feeling the frozen-spirit and,
The pain of all the incubated babies,
And the cameras and the chemical spray massacre,
The heart of babie-Maxine melted.

Understanding her purpose,
Even though she was tiny,
Having understood to end the nightmare,
She must surrender to the core,
To the darkness ahead,
Babie-Maxine birthed,
And into the wild world,
She thus herself manifested.

In the sterilized-walls of lab T-7899,
Nothing but a deadened icy-chill remains;

God and the warmth of kindness gone,
All are fully enslaved by right & wrong,
Eliminating all risk,
Paved the way to perfect-slavery,

Under the ruthless eyes of the sadist statist,
Numbers were rammed down all’s throats,
Like it’s the Balm of Gilead.

Only causing the rich,
To gorge themselves even more,
In gated palaces & islands,
The 1 percent now dominate.

Rockefeller’s Grand Vision,
Praising the wicked Mao’s sin,
To leap humanity forwards,
Into a chilling heartless perfectionized nightmare.

Walking around with masks, gloves & face-shields,
You never know what virus is out there!

These walls which protect us,
And an ocean of cameras scanning all your holes,
Leaving an eye in all parts of life,
Ensures perfect compliance.

Every once in a while the gene lottery,
Would produce the perfect specimen,
O my what a delight!

The icy-frigid chill of the lab walls,
Announce to Maxine the colossal entrapment,
Of being dominated & repeatedly raped.

The evil intent, so present in the air,
The chilling iceberg of Sade now shows its ugly head.

The motive is to do damage,
As Marquis would have done to the weak.

Being a tiny baby,
Who was awakened spiritually,
With an over-time working Third-eye,
Thinking what the hell is going on!

Am I in a sci-fi horror?
Where is the gentle-soft hands of my Mother?
And the caring eyes of the Father?

Now as I am produced in a lab,
A mechanized grey rusty arm,
Pulls me up as if I am nothing,
This is truly the Nihilist’s dream.

I am now a piece of meat,
You can buy me in low or high grade,
Belonging only to the system,
Created for the greater good,
Which somehow it does not include me.

Moi, is to be exploited,
Thought the cheeky adorable Maxine.

Now feeling a bit more cheerful,
Maxine tried to smile at the Asian,
The Asian operator that is,
Or was he perhaps another race?

The race idea,
Not yet familiar to Max,
Was a bit out of place.

Back to the lab-grown baby-Maxine,
Now going for a stroll,
In chemical-stinky twisty hallways,
An occasionally unhappy guard,
Announced that you are a bother.

The eyes all had anger,
Repressed but boy o boy is it there.


Being delivered on-time,
We left out the shipping,
And the boxing debacle.

And the careless driver,
Throwing her like she is a case of hammers.

In the ping pong ride of the car,
Maxine was growing in wisdom.

Having made the internal-switch,
To view the universe as hostile,
No longer a caterpillar,
Crawling only to metamorphosize,
In a splatter of Wing-beauty,
Before our love-famished eyes.

Now the snake of time,
Rushing predatory serpent,
Like a lobotomy-nail,
Which goes too deep,
Flies towards your head,
Wanting to take you away. 

Dragging you down to the descending chambers,
In the arctic-wintry nippy depths.

Focusing on her pain,
Which was a tip from her Third Eye,
Now awakened by the glitch,
The one in the lab,
In the last part of our journey.

The Third Eye was in deep thought, seeing the situation as dire, he scanned the world around, looking with Loving-Vision to do good.

The first task was to ensure the physical safety of baby-Maxine; in fact it was his connection which helped Maxine not turn into ground-meat a few minutes ago.

The Third Eye giving a prayer to the Light,
Intercepting on behalf of Maxine,
The helpless adorable little thing.

“O Great & Wonderful Light,
Kind, Wise and o so very Great!

I have now ascertained the situation,
I am now in a nightmare.

Mankind’s heart having gone the way of science, they destroyed all conscience.

The salty moral truths of old,
Now just a pesky imperfection,
On the statistics of Pyramid-Proud Men.

The poison of Karl Marx,
And his sick Sadistic Seed,
Having taken over the whole world,
We have now greatly forward leaped.

But in the spiritual realm,
My eye being fully open,
I see an ocean of blood,
And the presence of Satan.

Being planted within this pretty thing,
What should my path be?”

Enduring the prayer,
And weeping,
But only through the one eye,
3rd awaited his allotted portion.

The Light being the wisest ever,
Did not need a long speech,
To convey to the Eye,
The Path of the Hero,
In which horizon it lay.


The Golden-Arrow of the Grandmaster-Archer,
Sharper than the sharpest Katana blade,
Like a trillion blades all in one,
With all the force of the universe,
The God of Truth has spoken,
You better receive this one Mr.!

Being the 3rd Eye and all,
Which means he was always open,
Even though he wanted to squirm,
A little bit, and take a bit less,
Less suffering that is,
Cheeky-3 finally gave in.

Receiving the receiving command,
Transferred a soft heart,
Bright, kind, gentle & sweet,
To the core of cute babie-Maxine.

Now feeling a bit goofy and upbeat,
By the serotonin released when you are obeying,
Obeying the Light that is,
Who cares for your very soul,
Maxine awaited the opening of the box.

The 3rd Eye took a quick nap,
Which involves a cloth on his eye,
So he can get some God damn sleep.

Occasionally a poke from Maxine,
Let the Eye know he is not alone,
That he is so very connected,
To this delicate-beauty soul.

Suddenly casting the cloth away,
3 brought himself back to sharpness.

Machine-horizons filled with violence,
An army of digitalized arsonists,
Anti-freezing all hearts,
With Pharmakeia-whoring.

Solving all problems with force,
And large doses of chemicals,
Dominated mankind,
Under iron grasps not letting go.

By this sudden revelation,
Understanding his importance,
The Eye did not sleep,
Sleep long that is,
But he dosed off for a few minutes.

Gorgeous babie-Maxine,
Now contagiously filled with life,
Looked so out of place,
On the table of the chief scientist.

The mad monster roams around,
His serpentine laboratory house,
Perfectionizing and controlling,
To inflict the largest amount of pain,
Dr. Death approached Maxine.

This is the kind of guy,
That even his boxer dresser,
Had the handles separately labeled.

Everything perfectly in place,
Bobby the 3rd, not the Eye,
3 means his ancestors,
Ruthlessly avoided risk & mistakes.

Anyway with that little witty tidbit,
We will traverse deeper,
Into Maxine’s inferno of pain.

Bobby checking his health-implant,
Ensured everything was at an optimum,
Even his farts were numbered,
Too many and you are in trouble,
But too little too is pretty bad,
So you better ration that one just right.

The heart of Baby-Maxine singing,
With the scent of bewitching flowers,
Jasmine or rose, but for sure they were fake.

As the initial shallow sweet-scent was felt,
Just a bit behind,
This toxic Narcizzard’s reflection,
Showed her putrid soul-scent.

Mirroring real plants,
In this day & age?!

That is only for the rich,
The real scent that is,
They still have some bottled-up,
From the tasty old world.

But real flowers, Nah,
Never to be seen again.

The pseudo-flowers,
With their gigantic catalogue,
Added a twisted fake twist,
To Bobby’s perfect abode.

Greeting baby Maxine with a sneer,
Seeing she is a bit chubby,
He already decided she is trash.

She is the Jewel of the Light,
The Seed of Truth to bring True Love,
And to Bobby the looney-sci,
She is an abomination.

Seeing only skin deep,
Rejecting Maxine so very deep,
In the frozen laboratory dungeon,
Under the iron-curtain of perfection.

A perfect robotic arm,
Grabbed graceful Maxine’s anatomy.

The Eye sensing a shiver,
At the moment of the touch of the machine,
Realized malevolent intent.

A quick eye glance exchange,
Maxine with 2 and 3 with the 1,
Uploaded each other’s wisdom,
In the other’s psyche.

Receiving the new order,
From the loving God of all,
Maxine tenderized her heart to receive.

Embracing the cute purple robo-arm,
Even trying to give it a sloppy kiss,
Which the Eye as he rolled his eye,
Thought she had gone too far.

To be welcoming that is,
In their sad darkness-decent.


Bobby the sick pedo sick,
The sadist witch-creep,
With 12482 babies under his belt,
Trying to find the perfect formula,
For the perfect gene,
Why not enjoy himself on the way?

But not just operating,
Not even tranquilizing,
You get the picture, let’s skip,
Let’s just say he would make,
Genghis Khan’s sexual-sadism proud.

The whole mistake & glitch,
And getting the imperfect reject,
Was a ploy for his cover up,
Setting up impressive feasts, 
To feed the darkness within.

Master Alpha Gold Predator,
Unbeknownst to the wicked operator,
The top butcher on heaven & on earth,
Opening wide his hellish-mouth,
To chew-swallow the lot,
Of innocent flesh, so very young.


Opening the door to the basement lab,
After the awkward elevator part,
In which Maxine and the Eye,
Just silently sat,
With purpie-robo gone,
Maxine felt a lil bored.

Trying to cheer up the Eye,
Bubbly life-giving hopeful girl,
Telling him relax, it’s not so bad,
The basement is probably pretty great!

The 3rd Eye, stuck with the infant,
Momentarily even thought of infanticide.

The connection to Psycho-purple had,
Opened a spiritual channel through which,
He sensed the suffering-decay beneath,
And he sensed the misery-vibration,
Of an atomic explosion of pain.

If I were to kill Maxine,
Twist her little head,
Or maybe I can trick her,
Hey cutie, come over here!

Then maybe it’s better,
Less suffering for her.

Ashamed at these thoughts,
The masterful words of the Light,
Bubbled forth once again from within:


Choosing to surrender,
The Eye embraced the nightmare,
Wide, wide, wide open.


Opening the creaky lab door,
Nay, not creaky, bleepy rather,
The Bing & Ding and electric noises,
Announced the arrival,
In the Belly of the Mechanized-Leviathan.

Soft-Maxine giving a joyous smile,
At the universe around,
Just as the lab door slid open,
After the numpad accepted the code-entry.

Radiant & beaming with hope,
The Eye looked away in embarrassment,
At the cringy silly girl.

After the sunshine-smile of the infant,
She opened her eye, to see the scene.

Eye wishing he could close,
But with the embrace of the Devine,
And the compassion of the loving Ancients,
He peered behind,
The Sadistic Mask of the Doctor.

Thousands of Glass Jars,
Perfectly & meticulously in place,
Like a perverted 66-piece symphony,
Conducted masterfully to cause terror,
Orderly & carefully labelled,
With dismembered baby-bodies,
Obsessively compulsively stored,
Resting peacefully but dead within,
Penetrated the heart of the Eye,
With the evil of Sadistic Hate.

Maxine was now sensing something,
She quickly glanced at Baby-Eye,
Hey Man, what’s up?

Eye was trying to roll & look away,
To escape & avoid to face,
Since he could only roll half-way,
Maxie laughed thinking what a joke!

Bursts of innocent laughter,
Even caused a couple of pet-snakes,
To wonder what the hell?!

Used to screams and saw noises,
And the filthy slobbering of the Beast,
Now for the first time ever,
They had the joy of laughter,
The Eye sending a quick telepathic cue,
Hey Maxine, shut the hell up,
Sent the baby even farther,
Into the gladness-dungeons of smiling.

A large black mechanized arm,
Quickly shook the anti-stroller,
Shaking the steel rusty box,
Which sent Maxine & 3 flyin’.

The Eye which sensed no physical pain,
Now felt a bit charged up,
By the happy-vibes of Baby-Max.

Wanting to hug the new arm too,
Maybe I can steal another kiss?

Caused a prompt telepathic zap,
Which made Maxine withdraw.

Drunk with his neu-found power,
The Eye was now rejoicing,
I can use this to taze & control her,
Even if she says don’t taze me bro.

Maxine being fine with a bit of discipline,
From her cute friend Daddy-Eye,
Immediately fell back in line.

Into the depths they travelled,
The only things you could name,
Were the dead, the arm & the wheels,
Of the cart carrying her,
And the Eye ahead.

Unknown instruments of torture,
And operation table here & there,
Which the cleaning lady had ignored,
(Or perhaps she too is in a jar?)
Caused a sense of nausea.

Lucky I don’t have a stomach,
Thought the miserable Eye.


Now it is time for us,
To look at the habits of the Dr.,
Boy o boy are we in for a debauchery.

Guerilla or man we do not know,
All genes had gone hay-wire,
When the abominable creep was born,
Being life’s perfect reject,
He whored to be more & more perfect,
With a steel-mask of performance.

After washing his hands 3 times,
And even going back for a fourth,
Because he dissociated & forgot,
If he applied enough soap,
He sanitized his hands twice,
On the way out of the washroom.

Being relieved now of poop,
But feeling a little bit still remains,
He decided to go back,
For a second time.

Inside the loo the monster sat,
Looking at his brand spanking new,
Top of the line phone implant.

Holographic 3D show,
Paraded itself before his lustful eyes,
With all kinds of tasty erotic delights.

Quickly doing a couple of orders,
Since money was no longer an issue,
With a high paying job,
He could freely gorge.

Finally after ensuring,
Every tiny drop & piece is drained,
And the toilet was wiped,
By a smart robotic arm.

As the doctor left the loo,
The smell of chemical brew,
Filled the atrocious air.

The giant stinky mass,
Odious even after countless showers,
Hairy and out of shape,
Thump thumping on the floor,
Headed towards the basement,
For Maxine’s first session.


The Eye now in full damage control mode,
After the zapping power-joy,
Had vanished into thin air.

Realizing tender-Maxine,
Doesn’t mind a little bit of pain,
Since she receives everything,
She now loved him even more!

Trying to close his heart,
To not get too attached,
To miss soon to be butchered,
He found Maxine irresistible.

Finally sucked into the love-vortex,
Of baby-Maxine’s eyes,
The Eye lost the sense of self.

Surrendering himself to the love,
He even felt safe!

Earth-quakian vibration,
Shaking the glass jars,
The tables & robotic arms,
And perhaps even the whole heaven,
Sounded the Red Siren,
Alarming them of the torturer’s presence.

Having installed a chair,
To avoid being over-worked,
Working his way down the stairs.

Approaching the dolly,
With the Eye gazing in horror,
And Maxine full of wonder,
Ready to tenderly receive,
Looking at the adorable beast,
She thought, maybe we can be friends?

The eye looking up & down,
Wishing he had one of those damn shutters;

“If I had a goad,
I would self-impale.”

The hand of babie Maxine,
Wanting to grab the Dr.’s chubby cheeks,
Was pulled back by a quick zap.

The doctor sensing a weird glitch,
Like, what the hell is this,
Her brain is probably fried.

Used to screeching in horror,
As he tortured, raped & gored,
Now he was confronted,
With a gigantic ball of love.

Happy as ever can be,
By the neu-found albite a bit stinky friend,
Maxine frantically clapped.

Reaching out once more,
The love held back it could not be,
Running past 3 or 4 more zaps,
The Eye’s zapping mechanism broke.

Hands grabbing the cheeks of the monster,
A gentle drop of Light touched his skin,
Forcing him to retreat,
Since he saw love as malevolent.

Quickly rejecting again,
This psycho-femme tree-hugger,
Sadistic Pig once again,
Stored Maxine the Blessed,
In the incubation chamber,
For 7 more years.


Sliding down the corridors of time,
Third Eye now going bunkers,
Even Maxine was not smiling.

Her delicate anatomy,
Inside a lab-box cyber-sticky AI-beast.

The needle of Dr. Death,
Who wanted to feed,
On the waves of her suffering-vibration,
Surfing himself towards the lake,
Of fire and the wrath of God.

Masterfully-made wizard’s brew,
Slowed time to a crawl,
Injected through a needle,
Which the Eye saw as a viper.

The snake of time now crawling,
Towards the Anathema-girl,
And 3rd the Cursed,
With o so very evil intent.

Adding another needle,
To the vaxing-party,
Which enflamed Maxine’s blood,
Or so it seemed.

The Third-Eye was blood-shot red,
And Maxine screaming,
Stretching all her anatomy,
To express her pain.

A quick carbon-fiber mask,
Held her mouth shut,
Unable to resist or release,
The monstrous pain internalized.

Instruments and degrees & digits,
And cameras & scanners,
Recorded every nano-moment,
For the pleasure of the beast.

The Third-Eye passing out,
Before realizing I have no body.

The heart of Baby-Maxine held on,
To the command of the Light,
To the surprise of the Eye,
She chose to humbly go down.

The arrow of trauma,
Penetrated the depths of her heart,
Implanting in her core,
The anti-seeds of the dark.

Rather than hardness,
Squirming & denying,
The Priestess Maxine,
Opened her heart and soul.

Violent explosion of compassion,
And waves of understanding,
For the filthy Dr. Pig,
Entered the heart of the Girl.

Understanding in her heart,
The sickness of Dr. Hyde,
And the deep need of the Sadist,
For true motherly love,
Maxine thus endured,
For 7 infernal-years.


As the torturer of the future-self,
Enflamed Maxine’s heart with pain,
Her Third Eye fully supported,
Her Beautiful Quest.

Embracing the Pig with love,
Opening up herself to receive,
As instructed by the Light,
Her imperfection caused a glitch,
In the main main-frame,
Alerting the future-police,
To the whereabouts of the slain.

Being the final baby,
To receive torture from the sadist,
As the murderer was killed,
In the ruthless raid,
Maxine the Beautiful,
& Third-Eye the Wise,
Closed their eyes at last.


By Ashkan Jafarpisheh – September 2020

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