LUNA II: The Crow-Dungeon

Patiently for 30 years, enduring the pressure of the slow-torture of the cruel hands of the betrayer, Max opened his eyelids.

The familiar black screen, which was a gift bestowed upon his body with the ruthless crushing-blow in year 3, embraced his universe with a black-cloak.

Starting with his head, now with patches of hair balding and all the rest white as snow, to his toes, which had a few comrades KIA, he relaxed his presence.

Receiving the unfathomable pain of the torturous-entities, which plagued the gentle-heart of Maximus, he pondered on the meaning of it all!

“Good morning the Light, I see you.”

Said Maximus the Seer, as he reached forward with his 3-fingered right hand towards the dungeon window above, as if to touch the Light’s presence, the sun he gently on his skin caressed.

“Give me grace today o beautiful one!
To patiently and in humility receive my allotted portion,

Shouldering the pain of many generations,
I have patiently remained the chief Light-guardian;

I thank you the Light for the roof I have over my head, and the plate of food you faithfully provide for me & the Crow.

I thank you the Light for the Crow which keeps me company, and the gentle ants blessing the world around them with the wise-effort of the summer-gatherers.

And above all, my Source & my Love, I thank you for your friendship.

You have been with me in the depths of the agony-abyss, and your right hand & your grace, upholds & sustains my soul.”

Feeling the grand-gentle warmth of the loving-kindness of the Light, Max rested on the shoulders of God.

There was no self-pity for his plight; having received the core-sword of the powers of darkness, ripped fully open, soft & tender, Maximus Max awaited the final session of torture, closing the black-screen for a short time, the Light bestowed Master-Max with a final joining-gift.

Having proven his worth, in the fires of Mt. Gloom, deep & deeper crawling within never-ending pain, Champion-Max received the golden blessing of the Light.


Reverse-side of the moment in the anti-dungeon, the master-torturer washes the callous-hands off of blood.

The putrid-scent of vomit fills the air, with a smoldering-gasp of breath from a brutalized pair, of twins that is, the joint-twins now disjointed by the razor-edge blade of the Grand Black Merciless.

Stench of terror, and of screaming death, and the nervous icy-chill of belly, filled the orange molten evil-lair.

” 30 years! God damn you Max, how have I not broken you yet? Not only do you masterfully receive it, but you actually submit to me in love, trying to save me; SAVE ME?! The black-hearted sealed-eternally monstrosity; I sealed myself when I was 11, by choosing the death of my Imma, to hear the metal-Ching of loose gold coins.

What is holding you Max, what magnificent rock-like power, or what fortress of rocks has your soul discovered, that not even my mighty sadist-heart can crush your inner-core? What, you magnificent creature of the Fight?!

I have held on long enough Max; tonight, with the final hostile-blow of decay, you win…”


Victoriously-flying on the Golden-Dragon Maximus the Brave flew high above in the orange dusk-sky; sword dipped in the shed-blood of his nemesis & nemesisess, vigorous joyous and exalted, Champion-Max roamed the skies.

Explosion of human-cheer, child-laughter and the liberating spirit of liberation permeated the air-molecules.

O how the mighty have risen.


“Sarah, where are you my love?”

The crow, won over by the years of generous food-sharing of Maximus, having felt perfectly safe under the gentle-shadow of the tormented-warrior, quicky drew near; her sable-muddy frame blocked the golden-intrusion of sunrays, casting an eery black shadow on the grey desolate landscape of Max’s ruinous-red dungeon.

Drawing near slowly, flying down only in sliding fashion, the crow dived deep within to embrace the love of the Spirit of Maximus.

Godly prophet of the Light,
Self-disciplined grandmaster warrior,
Enduring decades of pain and torture and starvation,
Choosing to soften his heart,
And say yes to heaven-above,
Opening his heart-core,
To the blows of the master-torturer,
Entering into the final night of blight,
Of his dying final-breath,
The crow approached the Lordly-Saint;

Shining ever-so brightly,
With vibes which are kind & lovely,
The warmth of his goodly-presence,
Consoled the tortured-bird;

The Crow having been captive of men,
Put in cages to kill, kill, kill,
Tasting the kindness of mankind,
And the crushing deeds of the Dark,
Maximus her soul rescued;

Having succumbed to ways of darkness,
The crow decided to end the nightmare,
By plunging below from the dungeon,
The high-dungeon that is,
On the impossible forbidden black-wizard lightning-cliff;

Reaching the window in the dead of silent-Night,
At the final line-crossing nano-point of no return,
The cool-soothing voice of father-Maxie,
Melted the Crow’s heart & sinew;

Drawing near to the liberty-love of the Light,
Scarred & battered almost as much as Max,
The Crow sat on his swollen lap;
Maximus gently touching her head,
Comforted the familiar friend;

“Sarah my Love…” Said the broken-voice of weeping Maximus.

The heart of baby-crow melted; her core-string trembling by the compassion-vibration of the breath of Maximus the Great.

“What will become of you, after I am gone that is?
The future-horizon casts an ominous shadow;

I, Crow, I have been the sole Light,
Of the age that is,
The Kali-Yuga,
In whose Baca-Valley we restlessly sit,
Resting under my shadow is all that is good;

Patiently seeking the Light,
Taking the battering ram of the dark,
I have solely-endured for other’s sake;

Choosing to face rather than fear,
And to draw o so very near,
Rather than cowering in reverse,
I chose to shine on the heart-face & spirits of men;

Now on this final night,
I ask of you my eternal-love,
To humbly take my life,
Leaving a gentle window,
For master-torturer to repent,
I know that with my death,
He will eternally be inferno-sealed;

Writing with my own blood,
Loving words of the Light,
To comfort his tortured-soul,
End my life and go,
Leaving me behind for now.”

Pleading with Master-Crow, 
For two whole eternity-hours, 
Begging on his hands & knees, 
Twisted and chronically in pain, 
Muffled teethless cries of agony, 
Finally won the scared-crow over;

The sun having shone one final moment,
As the plumbline tilted towards nether,
Darkness overtook the Crow’s dungeon,
As the Crow desperately begged,
To not kill, kill, kill,
And be sealed in the ways of the assassins,
Anti-spiralling negatively-below, to descending-dungeons of gore.


The plagued-wings of the decrepit-sadist,
Spread wide over the light-forsaken moment,
As he traversed the doomy stairway,
To the gateway of his own eternal-seal,
Entering into the peaceful-realm of Maximus;

Feeling relieved of his anti-duty,
The Black-Mage rejoiced in his heart,
Finally able to drive the arrow through the heart of the saint,
Thus quenching his heart-fire;

“I have a special parting gift for you, old friend.”

The malevolent lips of the demon,
Dripping with insidious-poison,
Dripped these words down through the sewers of time,
Like a sick black-mamba snake;

Passing by a window,
The star-diseased sky,
And the petrified-moon,
Did not bother the Shadow-Lord;

The 30-year-creak,
Announced the crossing of the final ancient-boundary.


Unholy Ugly Utilitarian Ulysses Vilely Man-Beast

Astute Abominable Afterlife-whore Afflicting Actively hearts & souls

Vomit-core Virtueless Valiant Do-nogooder

Forcing Ferociously Fallacious Fury

Darkness Devil Despondent Degenerate

Murdering the Light with each rotting-step

Malevolent Moonless Ice-Lord

Opened the gateway to the good white-Lord.


The Universe patiently waiting,
To deliver the killer-blow of love,
To the dark-core abominable man,
Bloomed the eternal moment,
In his shocked & brassed eyes,

Having given up his spirit,
Grandmaster Max lay,
As the moonlit melancholy dungeon-floor,
Anti-glimmered with death,
With only a gentle bite,
Missing from his neck,
Max rested his-self,
And the Crow lay lifeless ahead;

As the torturer of the future-self,
Gazed at the two lovers-dead,
He opened his heart & soul,
To the message of his friend;

Softening his calloused heart,
And overcome by Max’s patient-love,
He was struck by a lightning of hope,
And Pure-Max & Crow’s love, 
He finally thus embraced.


By Ashkan Jafarpisheh – August 2020

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