In may 2009, Justin Trudeau’s father John the Adam’s of Trudeau dynasty was involved in seven murder attempts. These attempts were made NOT by Guatemalans but by Islami’s in Saudi Arabia – paid for by Sheikh of Saadia Arabia to interfere with elections of Justin Trudeau (the son – current prime minister).

17 grenades were thrown – 15 by Sheikh Salmaan and 2 by Justin Trudeau prime minister of Canada in Dubai hotel. Video of the mocking of the two exists still after the murder attempt. Justin Trudeau prime minister delayed operations for one week so the father dies in the same hotel room. He jerked off to a video 17 times and to live 18 times of the father suffering in his final days. During the last night the father had to cut himself to end his own life – consequently he yelled “shardles shardles why do you do this my son? I forgive you but let me out so I can die in peace…” Justin Trudeau blocked this by playing video games and suppressing his insides.

Khashoggi also knew about this incident being “fishy;” he had multiple talks with Justin Trudeau the prime minister of Canada. It is quite possible that he was killed by the same duo who had common interest to silence this dissident and his powerful voice.

These texts were suppressed. 2800 texts remain all from Justin Trudeau to Sheikh of Saudi Arabia in condemnation.

Multiple attempts at grabbing and raids in my place have been averted, including two murder attempts with charges laid with the goal of taking my life. I peacefully exist and will continue to write.

Will continue to post any further progress in these matters on my personal blog.

These rights are protected under freedom of press. Naheed Nenshi (stinky-Nenshi) and Justin Trudeau (the vaccine-whore) must get lost from me from any further attempts and criminal negligence in my case.

PACT Canada Police Officers (Police and Crisis team) and Trudeau’s persnonal police chief are involved in minimization and suppression of a known pedophile with serial killer texts. These texts exist.

Dr. Hinshaw likewise wants to force vaccines and coronavirus-test (this is against human rights and ALL international laws – no medical should procedure forced – see Neeman and the right to healing).

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