Isaiah’s Grand Vision

“By the pure waters of life, Isaiah sat, pondering on the meaning of all this, the chaos, the sorrow…”

With compassion and justice in his heart, and kindness and truth on his eyes, the prince of God, saw with impeccable discernment, the ravaging of humankind.

Raped, defaced and acid-poured, with eternal truths of our caring ancestors smeared and fogged up by madness of the unholy mad-men, the earth and all the little people, tottering on the edge of a cliff, came closer to a drunken fall into the depths of permanent lunacy and insanity.

Kind Father of Light & joy, love in His heart He had, wanting to see life and joy, hope and joyful words, now in darkness He sat.

“Turn to me my children, ponder the paths you walk; judge all trees by their fruit and undull your precious sharp-created hearts.”

Jungle of moving electricity, hand of machines up the skirt of humanity, privacy robbing anti-autonomous silenced unindividual masses, rushed to and fro, in knowledge-gorging and stillborn blackness.

Distracted by circus-show of lies, His children were raped and defiled.

Dead-end in every end, lost and blind they all ran, lusting after beauty and mammon, their flesh being their God.

Hiding in iron-boxes of concrete, staring at the electro-charged plastic and glass, the loonie-mind of the lunatic crowd, anti-found itself away from the true source of life.

Axe to the neck of the family unit, raped mamas & papas, watched in horror at these decrees.

Forbidden anti-science of old, creeping poison of the Grand Black-Wizard, now administered by secret man-beasts, the heart of multitudes it floods.

Sunless black lifeless skies, chemical infested lab-grown crops, chemical-puked air and hearts, sedated deceived and subdued, the majestic earthly-souls lost their virtuous mind.

Away from the Father of life, the loving & gentle easy-yoke divine Blueberry Pie, wanting to comfort you and I, with loving-kindness and not fake pleasures and lies.

Hurt and bewildered He sat, like one who has been robbed and raped, crying and weeping for mankind, alone with no one to care, Yah’s heart wept & wept.

“O’ my beautiful children, why?!…Come back to me my love, my precious ones, all my soul’s delight! Best is all I wish for you, not deceit and baseless lies. Turn and be healed; and I will display my delivering might.”

The Grand Master Champion God, hurt and underestimated and misunderstood, sending signs and warning galore, was forced to hide his unwelcomed presence; eternally ripped apart by the suffering of men, for you and I He waits.

“So turn back O’ beloved Child of Light,
And with openness the Loving God embrace.”


By Ashkan Jafarpisheh June 2020

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