“You burn with lust among the oaks
    and under every spreading tree;
you sacrifice your children in the ravines
    and under the overhanging crags.”

Abortion is no different than child-sacrifice. The only 3 instances in which abortion should be allowed is:

  1. SERIOUS THREAT TO THE LIFE OF THE MOTHER: This is in extreme cases only, not when the mother does not feel like it.
  2. RAPE: The choice is solely on the mother in this situation; full compassion should be extended to the poor-soul which goes through this nightmare; and the perpetrator, who is the rapist, must be hammered with the fullness of justice in court.
  3. INCEST: No questions should be asked in this instance and the mother fully supported.

This was the disposition President Reagan had, which I believe is just & excellent.

Other than the above 3 instances, which are all extreme cases, abortion is nothing but child-sacrifice.

Having abortion-clinics, releases a perverted & dark energy which evokes Satan’s presence. This is the reason in the ancient times, this wicked custom was practiced as an anti-God Satanic ritual.

It is important to understand that YHWH (Yahweh, the real name of God, mentioned over 6500 times in the bible), drew the line on this despicable & wicked human custom in Genesis 22:1-19.

Not only was the sacrifice of Isaac by Abraham, a test of faith for this Giant of God, but also it was a way of demonstrating to all future generations that God will NEVER approve of children being killed by their parents. This sacrifice has a message that ripples throughout history:


Not for God, not for man or for any other excuses.

If you party, spread your legs open on the weekend to some random person and get pregnant, you MUST NOT be legally allowed to kill that child. This is nothing but a horrific crime committed against the little baby.

Ultimately what the suckers & useful-idiots who defend this atrocity must understand is that, the promotion of abortion, is a form of population-control by the elite, to not allow the useless-eaters to reproduce.

The mother who is pressured & suckered into this abomination, might be able to SUPPRESS & DENY THE TRUTH; but as sure as the sun will rise, every second robbed of the Child’s life will be accounted from them, either in this life or the next.

No just God will be able to have an excuse to show mercy, if a baby asks “why I was not able to live?”


Some of the greatest unknown serial-killers on the earth are abortion doctors, advocators, and organization leaders. These will have their part in the Lake of Fire, and they will be tormented day and night in the presence of God and his Angels.

“But the cowardly, unbelieving, abominable, murderers, sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death.”

Revelation 21:8 – NKJV

Do not get robbed. I have met a 70-year-old man, who was beating himself up that he agreed to his partner aborting decades ago. Now he was alone.

What if the aborted child is a jewel of a boy or girl, who will bless mankind greatly? Many great men & women came from horrendous backgrounds.

You think the baby does not know, but it is a conscious being at conception and the baby KNOWS. How difficult does your life has to be for you to say:

“I wish I was never born.”

Therefore, do not MINIMIZE & DECEIVE yourself with excuses. The reason you have aborted or want to abort is because you are selfish & irresponsible and want to keep on partying.

Disability is likewise not an excuse for escaping responsibility; many with disabilities are mighty men & women.

If you have committed this horrific crime, humble yourself greatly, and make your heart right with God. Let the dark truth break forth from the deep dungeons of your heart, lest you descend lower into the realm of evil. WAKE UP. 

Every year at the child’s birthday, make a small memorial and honor the life which you robbed. ONLY THEN, you can show your true remorse to the Living God.


By Ashkan Jafarpisheh – September 2020

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