Genesis 37:35 – Jacob vs the Web of Deceit

By Ashkan Jafarpisheh – July 2020

Then all his sons and all his daughters arose to comfort him, but he refused to be comforted. And he said, “Surely I will go down to Sheol in mourning for my son.” So his father wept for him.

Jacob refused to be comforted; his heart testifying that the story is half-finished, his spirit beautifully and perfectly illuminated the path which lay mercilessly before him.

Jacob refused to be comforted by lies, by the passing comfort of the matrix-lies of the guilty vegetable-crowd.

Jacob did not let a blanket of “it’s no big deal” take his sight.

A great & terrible spear had penetrated his heart, open, surrendered and willing, the great patriarch, the ladder-climbing, angel-wrestling grand master of old, the relentless one who did not withdraw & escape, opened his core to face the whipping-hands of the universe.

And my Friend, my Brother, my Sister, YHWH the Benevolent & Wise Master-sage & Master-shepherd, who is unchanged yesterday, today and forever, the Beloved Lord, Has the same heart for you and I.

One by one, His sons and daughters do the lunar dance of the macabre into the lunatic asylum of flesh-gorging and apathetic what’s the big deal vegetable realms.

God is not dead; He is that He is and She is that She is, but we are not what we are.

We have been reduced to an addicted, fear-wearing, twitching, restless, pleasure-whoring atrocity.

With the matrix closing in around us with a matrix-web of false comfort, as the murderous sons surrounded their father with lies, so the big corporations, the malevolent self-seeking cult of money, which is the root of all evil, surround us with lies.

Through the megaphones of wickedness, which are the fake news media like CNN and MSNBC, the sewage pipe of over-blown deceit is being fed to the vegetablized 15 min/day automatic-liver potato-boy.

Years ago I lived in a neighborhood called Sutton, Surrey in England. What I remember was people looking and smiling, specially the elderly, and happily greeting you in the morning.

I am not sure since the mid-90s what lunar dance of the macabre Sutton has done, but there is something normal about these interactions.

The normal tendency is to draw near when we see a human being. Withdrawal and quickly looking away is a Freuidian-slip of a sickness creeping in.

The truth is, my sister, my brother, we have turned into sucker-boys & gals; duped into a vegetablized state by our screens, which we use in order to escape reality.

Most of us when hit with this sort of Trauma, as Jacob was, will run the other way, eating extra cake and having a huge joint, or quickly creating a fantasy to not receive it; however this was not so with the master-patriarch.

Here we see the seed of YHWH’s heart, and the ultimate Grand Master Yahshua’s heart, to not run, to not squirm, to bare ourselves. This was Jacob’s dark night of the soul, with years of famine incoming and he KNEW.

Sharp, aware, unvegetablized, as Lot knew when the Angels came to Sodom & as Abraham knew by the oaks of Mamre; the Watchman Jacob, from the same bloodline of Grand Master Lot, from the bloodline of cross-worshipers, from the lion-hearted God-men, embraced his allotted portion.

The denying and minimizing sucker-boys, having descended into the lower Canian levels, repressing the known-truth, with their lies, sweet lies, were unable to foggy up the freshly crystal-glass mind of mirror-Jacob.

Knowing that something is so very wrong, Jacob could smell the putrid vibes of sin and deceit.

The once pure presence of Joseph, 

The sweet delicate perfect-beauty,

Gentle and slightly emotional prophet,

Eccentric jewel-son who was a bit awkward,

Escaped the heart of Jacob as he waited;

Murderous betrayer-Sons,

Wanting to give their Abba pseudo-pacifier,

Lying through their filthy teeth,

With unclean arrogant hearts,

Which ended up needing extra humble-pie,

Sought to deceive their poor Baba;

“It’s ok really,

It’s no big deal,

This is what life is,

In no way is it spiritual;

The material animal,

Attacked your material son,

And now he is materialistically gone.”

Eagle-spirit eyes of Jacob,

Praying to the One and Only,

Heart-rent & ripped open,

By the pain of the gored-Joseph,

Received the mighty hand of Yahweh.


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