Finding Your Way

The main struggle in life is until we find our way. Once we find the way, it will be like riding a bicycle. It will click and from then on you can live in an effortless way, knowing what you should be doing. This does not mean you will not suffer of course, but it means you will no longer be stumbling in the dark.

The main pre-requisite for the way is being clean, judging ourselves and having no addiction. One of the most destructive sins that takes one out of the way is any kind of sexual immortality. Do not become a slave to your sexual desires as they will rob you of the vitality you need to walk in the way. Another sin is fantasy of any sort and there are many such things.

We know already what we should and should not be doing. 

When you find your way or as Rishis used to say “the Golden Thread,” then you will be in line with the moons and the stars and the sun and all creation, walking with God, who is the Light of this world, and rejoicing in His presence.

Keep yourself clean.

By Ashkan Jafarpisheh – July 2020

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