By Ashkan Jafarpisheh – July 2020

Dandelight spreading,

Slowly but ever so surly,

Gently breezing up and about,

Divine seeds of gentle truth-light,

Dandelight breaking forth,

From your precious truth-seeing heart,

My brother, my sister, my friend,

Dandelight Galore,

Spreading hope everywhere,

The wind is even acting crazy,

O my, what a stir!

Dandelight everywhere,

Even in my hair for all I care,

And happy children and mamas,

Singing full of mirth and joy,

As cloud of dandelights fills our hearts with hope,

Dandelight of glad tidings,

And that juicy oil of gladness,

With non-broken cheer-medicine hearts,

Witnessing the explosion of Dandelights.

The End

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