Book Cover: Darkly Light Volume 2

This book is a series of 6 DARK and hallucinatory short stories with a strong moral foundation. These stories are not only entertaining, but they have deep spiritual & moral lessons. The stories are as follows:

1 - The Weeper & Gnasher (a hallucinatory psychedelic descent into the Lake of Fire – extremely dark)

2 - Anti-Sacrifice (a wicked cult member takes a child up for sacrifice to the Demon Moloch)

3 - Salt of the Air (the lightest story in these series, or is it?)

4 - Machine Arrow (dark dystopian sci-fi – this future is closer than we think)

5 - The Toad-Wizard (an abominable wizard goes into the forest in search of the final ingredient)

6 – Descending Chambers (A fictional retelling of proverb 7 – very dark)

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