Dark Psychedelic Fiction Anthology Volume 1

These are 7 short stories written in hallucinatory styles yet lucid and filled with profound imagery. Please give me a chance. I am that good. Please check out my other writings. My greatest joy will be to have someone relax in their dwelling and enjoy my writings on a sunny afternoon or a in a tough rainy day, and thus feel refreshed and comforted to live and struggle on.

Canadian Psy-Spiritual Poetry

This is a series of dark yet haunting and beautiful poems and lyrical narrative fiction. It explores many themes such as psychology, spirituality, ancient scriptures and more in an entertaining tone. It is not "cheap" one liner poetry. I ask of you to give me a chance. You will not be disappointed. These are from years of thinking and being.

Darkly Light Volume 2

This book is a series of 6 DARK and hallucinatory short stories with a strong moral foundation. These stories are not only entertaining, but they have deep spiritual & moral lessons. The stories are as follows:

1 - The Weeper & Gnasher (a hallucinatory psychedelic descent into the Lake of Fire – extremely dark)

2 - Anti-Sacrifice (a wicked cult member takes a child up for sacrifice to the Demon Moloch)

3 - Salt of the Air (the lightest story in these series, or is it?)

4 - Machine Arrow (dark dystopian sci-fi – this future is closer than we think)

5 - The Toad-Wizard (an abominable wizard goes into the forest in search of the final ingredient)

6 – Descending Chambers (A fictional retelling of proverb 7 – very dark)

Darkly Light Volume 1

These 6 Spiritual short stories have the power to cut you to the heart and transform your life; if you allow them.

1 - Hayah: The Breath of Life
2 - The Grand Inquisitor
3 - The Flaming Sword
4 - LUNA XII: The Gulag-Dungeon (part 1-11 are unrelated short fictions available in my "Face-Mask & Pain" book.)
5 - The Missing Petal (dedicated to all the Sexual Abuse Survivors)
6 - The Muffin-Kingdom