Tonight, there are multiple government assassins with SMOPF ONE cameras that can see 100 miles away using EPAK 8-11 technology (the number changes daily the last few days) – there is an attempt to have me killed.

They plan to suppress the knowledge of EPAK surveillance satellite-drones. Many people know about this all over the world, specially the family, friends and relatives of those in surveillance and security industries all over the world. Therefore I do not accept that I have to die because I know about it.

If I die, they think that they can give EPAK a new start, since what happened to me and a few others (all religious in Calgary and Regina), was a catastrophe of human rights and broke many international and Canadian laws. This failed experience, with enforcer all in one teams like PACT Canada (Police and Crisis Team), was going to spread all across Canada and the world. Hopefully my many reports to authorities about the abuse of illegal surveillance tickers using EPAK 8-11, changed things for the better so others do not suffer as I did.

Street judges should never be able to issue surveillance warrants on the spot with no Habeas Corpus – these are just for stalking and downloading data – not for arrest – done ALWAYS on the innocent with PACT Canada. Already, I spend my days worrying about, and cleaning up after montages being sent about me, or being shown about me, made using SMOPF ONE Cameras. Or I am worried about being killed with MULTIPLE attempts at my life averted, lately it is happening nightly. Calgary police and Interpol know – please no one EVER call the police to my door. I do it myself when I need it. Crimestoppers is a VERY GOOD place for your reports if you are having a hard time with local police.

These montages by PACT Canada (Police and Crisis Team) are made on the spot with people’s most disgusting points like sniffing of the nose (used for a sniffer file), pooping or any sexually inappropriate thing which tears the person down. The camera is made for defamation. And for points to twist citizens into compliance, using outdated behavioural control psychology – this is what I call “medieval lobotomy psychology.” The psychologists on PACT Canada do not have over 6 years of training; most have a 2-year of so diploma acquired online. PACT Canada (Police and Crisis Team) uses luring to get people into therapy and then to diagnose them and destroy their life and use as time-sink for staff and Naheed Nenshi mayor of Calgary.

In my case I have not watched porn for 2 years or have any history of any issues physically and psychologically.

Tonight I am aware of multiple assassins on the alert for me, being very close, the building can be rushed in with SMOPF ONE cameras and shotguns to have me killed.

They can use black-outs in the future to pin down a certain person – in my case a civilian – and attack them with these camera using EPAK technology to hunt them down and have them killed. If you get a black-out, which is the power and technology deactivated for 10 minutes – run out immediately with any kid of protection you have, before your place is rushed in.

I have sent repeated emails and Crimsetoppers reports to alert the authorities. No need to send anyone to my door ever – it is the police and the government that I fear would kill me.

Naheed Nenshi the mayor of Calgary has assassins in the city. If I die he must be charged and investigated fully.

WordPress hopefully can keep these forever and ever and make them undeletable. I give no permission for surveillance and I rejected and will always reject Trudeau’s Order of Protection for all my life, both me and all my loved ones. I also reject Naheed Nenshi’s order of protection for all my life. Never will I agree to have these protections to have someone spy on me for life. These protections are surveillance for life.

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