Beauty-Son delicate Yowseph,
Bejeweled prince of the Most High,
Pure angel-soul positive vibes,
Playful and sweetly dreamy,
Even with weird bending knee scenes,
Which angered his brothers,
But Jacob took note & listened,
To the gentle warning of the universe;

Murder-hearts enflamed,
Playing in an accursed field,
Joseph coming from afar,
Embraced his destiny;

Cruel hands of deceit-brothers,
Grabbing & wanting to go the way of Cain,
Was stopped by sweet Benjamin;

Casting the beloved Joseph,
Deep within dry-inferno of a dark well,
Tumbling down from youthful joy,
Into traumatic well-floor,
Betrayed by those he loves,
Split in half but wanting to receive;

The cry of Abba Father arises,
By the Ruby-Spirit of son of Jacob,

“Help me Father I am in pain,
Surrounded by torrents of fear,
In the pits of this anathematized well;”

Youthful family outing,
Turned into a serpentine nightmare;

Bitten by the snakes of jealously,
The great prince surrendered willingly;

Opening his heart gently,
Going down and swallowing injustice;

Trusting in the good God of Abraham,
The mighty Red-Sea opening kindly-Light,
Who shatters the iron-gates of sin,
And stands guard over the needy & chronically in-pain;

Hearing the cries of desperate Joseph,
YHWH drew o so very near,
Putting a good stamp of kindness,
And blessing on his golden fingers.
So that anything he touches, 
Organic alchemically transforms;

In the pits of pain and sorrow,
Joseph won the love of man & divine;

Even as a lowly slave,
A broom he grabbed to sweep,
Refusing to be a victim,
To pout and uselessly feel self-pity;

Active & supportive and sharp,
From the pit of darkness he climbed-up,
Establishing a goodly name,
In the house of Patiphar,
Captain of the Pharaoh;

Humbling himself like Yahshua,
Rather than being bitter and hardening-up,
Softly, openly & sweetly,
Seeking YHWH everyday early,
Joseph overcame for his family;

Trusting in the heart of his Abba,
And the God since early he had known,
Joseph established himself;

Deceitful adulterer wife,
Wanting to suck into a vortex,
Of descending chambers of proverbs seven,
To the pit-hell’s inferno below,
Of forbidden-fruit deceit-galore,
Surrounded Joseph with beauty-trap;

Rejecting earthly pleasures,
To be faithful to God, his Master and his heritage,
Choosing to respond like Abraham,
With a pure-heart which says “here I am,”
Joseph rejected the whore-woman;

Jealous and craving his flesh,
Lunatic-wife lost her peace,
With spiteful vengeance-jealousy,
Wanting to crush this pure-beauty,
She grabbed his clothes as he flee;

Using the cloth she grabbed,
To twist a lie against Joseph,
She betrayed him a second time,
This time to a worse living-hell;

Deep within the dungeons of doom,
Resting under ruthless Pharaoh’s disapproval chambers of gloom,
Amidst torture & serial-killers,
And the filthy guilty of whom Joseph was not worthy,
Joseph opened his core to the pain,
As once again his faith got tested;

Using what he had just learnt,
To go down, seek YHWH and submit & receive,
Joseph became a type which Christ looked towards;

Not giving into a Victim-Spirit,
Joseph woke up early praying,
Then quickly made his bed,
To prepare for the day ahead;

Making friends with his cellmates,
Which the captain who fell in-love with Joseph,
Trusted him to watch over,
Who each had a weird prophecy-dream;

YHWH at the right time,
Let the wisdom-jewel of Joseph’s lip drip;

Telling of the forthcoming redemption,
And the accursed gory-end for the other,
He interpreted the vine and basket dreams;

The prophecy having come true,
The cup-bearer ungratefully forgot,
The loving words Joseph prophesied;

In his kingly bejeweled bed,
Pharaoh seeing dreams which were mighty,
From under silk-covering he awakened;

Seeking the magicians & the wise-men,
Being sensitive, knowing the warning he received,
Was from a powerful source and,
Seeking to understand the riddle,
To bring himself back into secure comfort;

The cup-bearer remembered,
Telling him of the Godly-Joseph,
Which he shamefully should have remembered,
Of the wisdom of the Most Hight,
Dripping from his gentle-mouth,
Thus Pharaoh quickly,
Summoned the princely-lord;

Yowseph having fully prayed,
To the God who is YHWH,
Who had become friends with him,
Intimately in all the years of jailed-torture,
Wearing out the path to the Throne of Grace,
Mighty Joseph was ready;

Standing with all his might,
Beauty-Son shining like a grand-sun,
Being a rock of Israel,
To help preserve them in time of famine,
Joseph interpreted Pharaoh’s dream;

Having crawled out of nether-dungeon,
Overcoming mightily his dark night of the soul,
Waiting patiently for God,
Sitting and resting in the darkest place,
Joseph arose from the black agony-core;

Shining and beaming with life,
Full of wisdom & grace,
Beauty-Joseph shaved and,
Walked into Pharaoh’s presence;

First giving glory to the Most High,
The not so secret source of his power,
Joseph told Pharaoh about the cows,
Fat and happy, but being devoured by the decrepit,
And the 7 ears of corn treacherously eaten by the others;

Knowing what he had gone through,
Of times and seasons for everything,
Joseph masterfully interpreted,
Humbled-Pharaoh’s warning-dream;

Warning of only 7 good years,
And after that 7 angry-nature,
Blowing the universal trumpet,
For the brutal-famine ahead;

Advising with counsel of Yah,
The heart-stirred Pharaoh,
Who was not hardened like the other,
Who harassed & challenged Moses;

Telling the soft-hearted king,
Listen, and wisely gather grain,
Storing for the dark times ahead,
Like wise-ants do in the summer;

Instructing Pharaoh in the ways of the Light,
To save the many millions of lives,
Pharaoh was very impressed;

The dark arrow of YHWH,
Finally showing its bejewelled head,
Showing to the humbled-son,
The purpose for which he suffered,
Revealing to him his kind intention,
God immortalized Joseph;

Beauty intricate handsome prince,
Masterfully walking an impossible line,
Within filthy stinky dungeons,
On his hands and kneed weeping and begging,
YHWH lifted up high above, the mirror-joseph;

Far above the captain and the adultery-wife,
And the prison captain and amnesia-cupbearer,
And above his parents and his brothers,
Just as his truthful dream prophesied,
Joseph rose as an ancient Sun;

Quickly acting & fixing the Mess,
Being a bit tighter and discouraging loose-living,
He prepared Egypt for the famine ahead;

Finally after 7 years when the poop hit the fan,
Joseph proved that he is a true prophet;

Swarms of dark famine,
Not-raining, dry and earth-scorching,
Plagued the land of Egypt;

His brother & his parents,
Now having eaten humble-pie galore,
In the years of separation,
The brother’s conscience having done it’s work,
Goading them to face the truth.
Of the life they unjustly destroyed,
Robbing him of all he had,
And now that things seem hard,
They sought Egypt’s help for food;

Joseph recognizing the lot,
Chose to play a little, why not?

Hiding a cup here and there,
Cause he was messing with them,
Finally he revealed his true-self;

Crying and weeping from the heart,
Repenting to the brother they secretly adored,
Understanding that the heart of YHWH,
For them was to be together;

Unbreakable strong-cord,
Of Peace, Unity & Love,
Which is like sweet Aaron-beard oil,
Dripping to the very edge of the robe;

Jacob having submitted,
To the brutal last decade,
In which he faced his sons pseudo-death,

And years of famine in old age,
Wept and rejoiced for Joseph;

The beloved Grand Master of Old,
Gentle, sweet & uncompromisingly firm,
Teaches us a majestic lesson;

When your time of cross-pain comes,
And the barrage-arrows of the universe,
Through which your heart is rent,
Soften instead of harden,
Going down and submitting,
Not giving into a Victim-Spirit,
Not attacking & resisting,
Or squirming to take the easy way,
Let us receive our allotted portions;

Following in the footsteps of Joseph, The Beloved Prince & Bejewelled of YHWH,
Let us arise as Humble-Sons and Grand-Daughters.


By Ashkan Jafarpisheh – July 2020

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