Somayyeh the 3-year-old girl, 3 months ago died of a blood-clot despite being healthy prior to vaccination. This is being investigated by Interpol.

Somayyeh Shirazi was an Iranian girl from Kermanshah (Jewish – descendant from Grand Nuns of Oroumieh – mother knows) who died of a heart attack from AstraZeneca in Tabriz. Naheed Nenshi from Canada sent 100,000 doses of AstraZeneca vaccine to use on poverty-stricken Iranians as guinea pigs; 1200 doses was what they received in Tabriz.

The investigator on the case, Farhad Kohandellianeh, was murdered in Farshidkhaaneh Zoorkhooneh (a place where they do traditional wrestling in Iran – cracked neck). This was done under the disguise of a business deal with the investigator for information from Turkey.

There was international outcry over the investigator who was Belgian national. This must be investigated through legal means of undeleted Google dot January 2019 to January 2020 – every Thursday is a vaccine day in Calgary for Naheed Nenshi (mayor). He talks at length on 3pm of January 14 2019 – this must be investigated by Interpol and Google ASAP to bring financial restitution to the family. I am not affiliated or know of their whereabouts but the pain must be unsurmountable and the Canadian government must give citizenship and offer a home in Canada.

They must NOT be forced to take Trudeau’s Order of Protection. This deceitful order is “surveillance for life,” which must not be accepted by ANYONE ever. Once you sign they will watch you for life. Never give permission to anyone. Practice this starting right away. Neither verbal nor written or electronic. They will use your old permissions to keep spying on you and to access your files.

They have used AstraZeneca in tranquillizer/darts done 3 times in Calgary and Regina – one time successful, as in the target was hit properly and it worked – one serious eye injury happened to a different guinea pig. See the mosque of Edmonton for details, if they want to talk about it – the subject is blind partially in left eye – the shot was NOT a mistake. Nenshi is known to have a penchant for sadism.

I worry about this tranquilizer attack happening to me daily by Naheed Nenshi and his gang at PACT Canada (Police and Crisis Team).

Her mother cried for 3 years tears of wow, and had 3 heart attacks over Somayyeh’s demise. Crippled or not here I come is her motto in life. Father still does not know and is away.

The truth does not need sources.

Somayyeh the benevolent roams,
The twisty roads of ancient caves in her home,
In God’s fortress of rocks she dwells,
With the unstoppable heartbeat of the ancient nuns,

Wilted before her time but way too soon,
Forgotten little flower of time, now she mourns,
Stinky-nenshi robbed her of all that’s good,
Bribe-taking sadist trashy lord,
Ruling with deceit and force he plunders,
All the moral laws of the ancient-good,

And thus the red rose of the ruins of noon,
Spends her days & nights in eternity’s noon,
Spends her days & nights in eternity’s boon. (not a mistake)


By Ashkan Jafarpisheh – May 29 2021

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