Deep within a forbidden cult, the grandmaster, the ultimate one, lay on a humbled bed, dying as he was, the countdown to his counting breath anti-counted to null; thus spoke the wise soul to his son, the wicked Yuga:

“Yuga…my son……you…must…turn back…towards……the Light……”

The concerned grand-shepherd in the curtain-rolling dying breath, stirred to no-avail, his darkness breathing son’s heart.


In conflict at heart and soul, from the bewildering words of his papa, the twisty dark cult-whore went playing in the sacrificial field.

Strong and mighty Yuga, becoming a servant of black since the death of his mama, betrayed the light with each rotting step.

180° from goodness, Yuga the Stinky Black Buda headed for the flesh cemetery. Taking the toad toxin Goddess elixir, he was now trippily light in rainbow gear.

Mister LilMaster, masterfully prepared for his Neu-Master the child sacrifice.

Picking from starving and blemished village children, the dark cult Lordess, offered to Moloch blemished flock.

Comfy Yuga, maintaining the pit spirit of Kali Yuga, opened the child cage to reach within, seeking for a needy child of the light, to crush into Moloch’s starving mouth.

As Yuga opened the creaky cage gate, his heart blackened in stupor and bore, beheld his own son Ishi, filthy, starved and terrorized, Ishi the Wishi beheld his pathetic father’s ugly mug.

Now the conflicted lunatic-jerk pondered the betrayal he faced. Save his stinky worthless boy or offer and win praise from the Grand Whoress, adding another degree of black belt of Moloch, he could then joyfully upward transcend.

The virgin Ishi, the prince of the light, gazed at his loser-papa with the loving heart of his ex-mama. Dragging Ishi the Swishi, Yuga the Ruthless came close to the mountain path to the Horned Goat altar.

Two moons, Crimson and Red, with scarlet shadows on earth’s regret, casted a naughty eerie light, to this lawless lightless betrayal anti-night.

Close to the waterfall of no return, the ex-papa burying Snake-Yuga, readied his knife and match for Kill and Ablaze.

Ishi the Innocent Lamb, still love in his pure heart he felt, praying to the Light fervently for help, to avoid any further moon-soaked regrets.


“Father! Where are we going?!”

Taken-back-Yuga answered sheepishly:

“We are going on an adventure son…”

“That would actually be great Papa, we had a really rough time the last couple of months that you were gone, you know, mama…”

“I need to go see that stinky trash-whore and get some physical wringing out of her.” Thought the abominable Yugi, his son’s Boogie-Baba.

“Mama…is dead!”

The Gentle Giant Universe Goddess, staying patiently quiet, now spoke luminously to the rotten fester-soul of Snake-Baba, as Ishi ripped open the callous heart of his Source-Baba.

Feeling now pulled back in a vortex towards the village, Mr. Yuga, used all his will to climb forward in rebellion, resisting the Light.

“This is the big test of faith! If I overcome this, I will prove to Moloch my undying faithfulness, and then He will grant me the forever-enduring thornish crown of filthiness and doom.”

Salivating famished Yugi, did Yoga and Boogied all the way up to the altar, anti-whirling like a sick dancing Non-Sufi.

Bats-Galored mountain entrance, announced with bloody stink-whiffiness, the dead’s decaying corpses ahead.

Passing the scorched baby bodies of the burnt, Big Baby Yugie and Small Baby Ishi, passed by lil babies on the way to kiddies. Passing hundreds of skinned kid bodies, Whore-Yugi and Losing-Ishy scorched their hearts with the visual black swishy.

Like a frozen Anti-Frozen Anti-Ice Anti-God, Moloch demanded Anti-Acts of reversed Anti-Light; reverse candlesticks, Ssam Mass Ssam Mass, Anti-Hcolom demanded more & more baby blood.

Surpassing the kids scorching scorched lot, the Vomiting Yuga, now terror-induced, stared in horror at Ishi, understanding the feeding of the Beast of the Whore Lordess. Plagued by the destruction of life and limb, his faceless expression grew dimly grim.

Unclued Order-Following Puker, was the biggest Serial Killer Life-Loser, universe-sent arrows headed his way, Yuga the Arrogant lay uncertain of the Karma of his stinky past, and the list of his betrayed which lay reverse and ahead.

Now needing needle nether nothingness, beheld boldly blight butterflies bile beastly best, to get towards Ishi the Terrified Tera Tyrannized Truthful Boy, with trembling broken narrative, Yuga descended into a worse case comparative anti-literature.

Reversing the paths of Doog, Goodie-Two-Shoes preyed for Moloch’s delight. Thinking that the Demon-God fed by the death of the young, Boring-Yogi was ever-so blind!

Moloch feeding Himself on this Passive Parasitic Betrayalist, enjoyed the long descent of Trashi-Yuga, to pitch black darkness Anti-Imperialists.

Shocked and wide open eyes of Yuga, pushed the tender neck of Young-Ishi, on the Blood-Cummed cracked ancient stone sacrificial block.

Candlemas Anti-Sign of the Light, alongside double-crimsoned moonful night, the sound of howling Wolf-Mama, who was Ishi’s actual Imma, like a gentle-breeze started to wake, the almost completely-thieved heart of the Murderlord.

“What are you waiting for, My Servant Yuga?!….”

“Offer to Me the dregs of Your foul soul.”

Hand in the air trembling mortified Yuga, looked into the teary-eyed Ishi the Son; begging for mercy but not for Himself alone, the Tender Baby Boy Red was lovingly swaying, the forever-dooming hands of Baba-Boy.

“Abba, you don’t have to do this; before Mama died, there was a man named Abraham who came by to check on us. He took care of us Baba! He told me…”


Cried out the now-visibly upset Moloch, thinking He would get the usual darkness-feeding and then back to His homey lair, He was now being lectured by the annoying Soon-To-Be-Scorched-Ishi-The-Yuga-Teaching-Crazy-Boy.

Staying hand of Daddy Yuga the Hesitant, moved a few centimeters forward, stopping to hear about this curious Oasis-Abraham the Godly Lord.

Moloch rolling His eyes in disgust, awaited the end of the yawn-infested Abram-Story bore.

“He told us that His God, once asked him to sacrifice His Beloved Son.”

“And what did Abraham do My Son…?”

Now humbled and his heart rent, the broken Regret-King tried hard to drag this moment of Light, drinking desperately deeply from the love of Angel-Faced Ishi, strengthened by the spiritual howl of In-The-Woods-Wolf-Mommy, He softened His heart to hear of this Other God.

Behind the Two Heroes lay, a Magnum opus of gored and burnt young flesh, Nay, No flesh, mostly bones, powdered and blacked, painted the Stone Mountain’s path.

Idiotic Unquestioning Deceived Lord, Yoga’s heart gave off a gentle flicker.

“He said right before He went to sacrifice, the Other God told Him to not do it; and the God gave Him a Ram instead, setting Him free from the bondage-yoke of murderous death. Abraham loved His Son Abba; He actually came by one time…”

Sweet Ishi, like candies infused with the Light, dainty morselled the Hopeless Yuga, into a Semi-Hopeful Realizing Yogi.

Now His Third-Eye fully open to the wickedness of the Pathetic Impatient Eye-Rolling Anti-Lord, Raging Rishi Yuga, finally finding the genesis of His Golden Thread, looked with fierce hatred, at the cruel death-craving moloch.

“I was actually going to tell you the same thing! I swear…”

Now dethroned from being an anti-God, small M moloch said with a fakely jubilant smile.

Grabbing an Infernal Hammer of Doom, used to crush babies’ cute skulls, Hate-Filled Ex-Worshipper attacked the ex-posed murder-demigod. Joyful Ishi, with the triple-rate sped up howling Imma, ran to the aid of His Now-Championed Baba-Abba.

Together…Father and Son…Having been touched by the gentle scent of the Good God of Master Abraham, the Warrior Majestic Kingly Hospitable Prince Friend of the Lonely Dwelling Desert-Loving God, smashed the demonic idol of death, and ran hand to hand happily towards the West, in which lay the Altar of the True Life-Loving Kind Blissful Blessing God.

Saved by Love, Ex-Unloved Yuga, embracing the Lovely Bosom of Wizard Ishi, followed by the Liberating Spirit of Wolf-Motheress, swiftly arrived under the shadow of Sara-Abram’s Clean Little Secret:

“A Loving God, Who Loves Life, Lays Above and Ahead.” 

The End

By Ashkan Jafarpisheh – June 2020

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